6 Steps on how to compose a business essay   


Whether you are a business student and are looking for ways to earn top marks by impressing your instructor or are a business owner who’s crafting articles for their enterprise, one thing is certain; business essays require solid writing skills.

You need to be able to craft an essay that is both informative and engaging, especially if you are selling an idea or a product. The good news is that composing a business essay doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are six effective steps you can follow when crafting one.

Define a Topic

What exactly will you be writing about? The first step in crafting a business essay is defining a topic. If one has been defined for you, you should begin by figuring out which aspect of the topic you plan on focusing on. Will you be writing a general overview of the said topic? Will you be narrowing your focus and concentrate on a specific analysis? Finally, understand what the main purpose of the essay will be (educate, inform engage, promote) and who it will be aimed at. This step is essential as it lays the foundation for the whole essay.

Create an Outline

Organization of thoughts is crucial when it comes to writing business essays. You need your piece to make sense, and the only way that happens is if there’s a logical flow of information. Create a simple sketch of what your essay will look like and the information you plan on, including in various sections. It will prevent you from deviating from the main points when it comes to the actual writing. It’s advisable to create diagrammatic structures as this enables you to link up ideas easily.

Conduct Extensive Research

This is the part where you gather all the information necessary in composing the essay. Ensure you follow the outline you earlier created to avoid any time wastage. Make use of all available resources, e.g., books, internet, interviews, etc. and be very selective about the information you collect. Only collect the relevant and necessary information. Keep in mind that this research will form most of your essay’s body, and so you also need to get well-informed.

Write the First Draft

With a detailed outline and relevant research, this step should be pretty easy. The first draft is rarely perfect, but it is often time-intensive. The essay should contain:

  • An introduction- think of it as the hook of the article that gives the reader an idea of what to expect. It should be captivating enough to make the reader want to read the whole essay.
  • Body- this is where you arrange all arguments supporting your thesis. It is also the section where you table your evidence from the research.
  • Conclusion- the conclusion sums up the whole essay in a few simple facts and provides recommendations.

Be Factual and Straightforward

Let the main objectives of the essay guide you. When it comes to business essays, fluff and jargon are unacceptable. Go straight to the point by being as clear and brief as possible. If you can explain a point in a single sentence, don’t turn it into a whole paragraph. Avoid exaggerating facts and, most importantly, be concise.

Proofread Your Essay

Never submit your first draft because there’s a high chance it’s full of errors. Analyze your work and eliminate all grammatical and structural errors where applicable. Condense your points as much as you can without losing meaning and highlighting the main points by revising the arguments.

When it comes to essays, even the smallest of punctuation mistakes can affect your thesis adversely. Edit and revise the paper until you are sure it satisfies the acceptable standards. This part can be exhausting, so all revisions should be done when you are well-rested. You can also have a friend or peers go through your work to provide you with corrections from a fresh perspective.

Write an Effective Business Essay With the Above Tips

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