5 career opportunities for students taking business courses

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One of the major questions that go through a student’s mind is how life after college will be. Will you get a job?

If you do, what are some of the career opportunities available to you? Business students, in particular, find themselves plagued by this question, probably because theirs is a major and somewhat broad field.

Business majors tend to have problem-solving skills, and most often, their instructors give them projects in groups so that they can refine their teamwork skills. Are you taking a business course? Here are five career opportunities for our unique skillset.

Management Consulting

Employment isn’t for everyone, and if you are one of those people that prefer to build their empire, then you could venture into consulting. As a management consultant, you will be responsible for analyzing other people’s businesses and providing them with solutions based on your findings. Your job description will be to collect information, analyze it, and produce reports. You will, however, have to supplement your presentation skills and analytical skills. One of the main advantages of being a consultant is that the pay is good, and the work is flexible.

Financial Analyst

If you are looking for a career path where you get to utilize skills learned through your coursework, then this would be a great fit. Financial analysts assess and analyze the strongholds and weak points of a business by evaluating various industries. They are responsible for interpreting the financial statements of a company and writing reports and recommendations based on their findings. The financial analyst also helps in the allocation of a company’s resources, specifically in areas where they are likely to yield more returns. Some of the coursework that comes in handy for this career path are mathematics, finance, accounting, and economics.

PR Manager

Times have changed, and while in the past, PR managers were exclusively picked based on their public relations diploma, currently, they are needed to have some form of business background. With a business major, you only have to take a minor in public relations, and you’ll have a competitive advantage. As a PR manager, you will be responsible for creating and maintaining a positive public image for your employer. It means that you have to create favorable relationships with the media to ensure your company’s achievements get maximum exposure. Your core duty will be to shape the public opinion of your company into a favorable one and to ensure it stays that way.


Do you enjoy accounting courses? This career path might be for you. Accountants have a reputation for being strict when it comes to the rules, but what most people don’t realize is that it is part of their job description.

As an accountant, your job description will involve tasks like helping the company comply with government regulations, e.g., tax obligations. You will also be in charge of helping the company minimize losses and maximize profits by conducting audits and resource allocation. Most accountants often end up being heads of the financial division and can work in all types of organizations from small businesses, fully-fledged companies, and non-governmental organizations.

Business Reporter

It is possible to combine two of your interests and turn it into a career. Being a business major doesn’t mean that you have to follow a career path characterized by mathematics, balance sheets, and accounts. If you enjoy the less technical aspects of your business course and are passionate about the media, then you could be a business reporter.

As a business reporter, you have the opportunity of joining print media, electronic media, and even broadcast. You will be responsible for extensively covering developments and events in the financial industry. If you’d rather communicate business news instead of being actively involved, start polishing up your presentation skills as they will come in handy.

There Are Exciting Opportunities for You Out There!

One of the lesser appreciated advantages of taking a business course is that you develop lots of valuable skills. Where other people see numbers, your analytical skills enable you to see financial impacts. You can dissect a business, identify problems, and provide solutions.

However, to make it to the job market, you have to pass your courses. Your dissertation, in particular, has to be well-crafted and convincing enough for your supervisor to give you a good grade. As a student, you have to balance out many aspects of your personal and school life, making it difficult to beat deadlines. If you require dissertation help, you could always hire professional writers to do it for you.