6 Reasons People Rent Airbnbs

Choosing your accommodations is one of the most important steps when traveling.

This is a crucial decision to make because where you’ll stay can affect your enjoyment as you’re traveling. You won’t be able to fully enjoy your trip if you’re worried about your own safety as you’re sleeping or end up spending more than what you’ve budgeted for your accommodation.

Although hotels and motels have long been the standard means of hospitality, more and more people are now choosing to rent through Airbnb whenever they’re traveling. This is an online marketplace where Airbnb landlords market their properties as accommodations for individuals visiting their locale.

Airbnb had 187 million bookings in 2019, and this number will only continue to increase in the coming years. If you’re wondering why Airbnb has become so popular, listed below are the reasons why people are choosing to rent these accommodations:

  1. Value for Money

Not everyone travels with an unlimited budget. More often than not, people have to save money for weeks or months and look for cheaper tickets and accommodations to make the most out of their trips.

One of the reasons why people rent Airbnbs is because these accommodations tend to be much more affordable than most hotels, and provide more amenities and conveniences than your average motel. There are over millions of properties listed on Airbnb, making it easy for any traveler to find one that suits their budget. Some people can even rent a whole house through Airbnb for the same price as a hotel room and even score better deals when they stay there for weeks!

  1. Hospitable Hosts

Hotels usually accommodate hundreds of guests every night. The number of paying customers will make it challenging for the hotel owner or manager to provide customized service for every single guest. Travelers will have a different experience when they rent Airbnbs.

Airbnbs usually have welcoming hosts who will welcome travelers during their stay. Some of these hosts will personally give the keys of their properties to you, share a cup of coffee during your first morning in their property, or give you a tour of the city the moment you arrive.

Because Airbnb hosts only accommodate a pretty limited number of guests in their properties, they’ll have the resources to fulfill any of your additional requests.

  1. Insider Knowledge

Traveling to a new country can be overwhelming as you won’t have any real idea where and how to start your trip. This is especially true if you didn’t have the chance to research the destination and plan for an itinerary ahead of time.

Another reason why people are renting Airbnbs today is because their hosts have insider knowledge that can help travelers maximize their trips. Airbnb hosts can give you tips on the best restaurants, destinations, and activities available in the local area. They can even share some precautionary measures to ensure that you remain safe during your trip.

Airbnb hosts are usually locals who have been staying in a country or state for decades, which means that the information they can give isn’t always available online.

  1. Save Money on Food

Every traveler will need to eat during their trip. It’s challenging for anyone to enjoy new sights and wander around a new city if they’re hungry. While restaurants and cafes are available in all tourist destinations, eating out for an extended vacation can cost a lot of extra money.

The ability of travelers to save money on food is another reason why Airbnbs have become more popular today. Unlike hotel accommodations, Airbnbs usually come with kitchens and cooking utensils. These amenities will allow any traveler to save money on food as they can easily buy ingredients from a grocery store and cook meals from scratch.

  1. Feels Like Home

While some people want to experience luxury when they’re traveling, others would rather choose to stay in accommodations that feel like home. If you’re one of the latter, renting an Airbnb is a great option for you.

Airbnbs provide the comforts of an actual home, which is why a lot of people are choosing to rent these properties instead of hotels. Aside from having kitchens, most Airbnbs also come with a dryer and washer, and even couches placed in front of the TV. You can even book Airbnbs that have the same number of rooms as your house so the entire family doesn’t have to drastically change their daily routines when traveling.

  1. More Locations

Hotels are usually situated in the middle of busy cities or prime locations in a state or country. Hotels require a huge piece of land, which is why this accommodation isn’t common in small provinces, neighborhoods, or the countryside.

Because Airbnbs aren’t situated in large and tall buildings, expect that you can come across this type of accommodation almost anywhere. Regardless if you want to stay in a treehouse in the middle of the forest or a cabin situated in a quiet neighborhood, you can find an Airbnb anywhere. You can even choose to stay in a castle and live in the middle of an island!

Try It Out

You can experience many benefits when you rent Airbnbs, so why not stay in one when traveling? You’ll be surprised how staying in these properties will make your trip more enjoyable and memorable!