5 technologies that add value in the hotel sector

Smart technology is changing the way we do everyday things, we have in our homes, at our workplace and now in the hotels, we stay in.

Hospitality is an extremely competitive industry with customer experience being the top priority for every hotel, to shine above the rest hotels have to be one step in front of their competitor, and incorporating technology is the way to do this.

Having technology within the hotel sector for guests and staff is becoming essential to a hotel’s survival. Customers want value for money and the chance to experience a premium service, technology allows hotels to do just this and will help them stand out above the rest of the competition.

What Technology Is Improving Hotel Standards?

So what technology is helping to improve and adding value to the hotel sector, we have listed a few innovative pieces of technology below.

Remote Check-ins

After a long journey, the last thing customers want to do is queue up at reception to check in. Having guests check in on their mobiles helps the process to run smoothly and frees up the hotel staff to focus on customer care and running the hotel.

Keyless Entry

When you check in remotely, you haven’t picked up a key for your hotel room. This is where keyless entry comes into use. Many hotels are starting to use digital keys that customers can access from their phones to use on smart hotel door lock systems. The hotel will be able to assign each key access to certain rooms in the hotel remotely from the office.

The benefits of having a digital key are that your guests will not need to worry about forgetting it or accidentally losing it. It is also a convenient option for guests when they are arriving at busy check-in times and want to access their room as soon as possible.

Voice Activation Devices

We love to live in a world of convenience and over the years voice activation has become increasingly popular. Offering guests voice activation in their rooms will instantly improve the overall customer experience.

Through a smart device, guests can perform simple tasks just by using their voice, this includes turning on and off lights, controlling the TV, changing the temperature of the room and even ordering amenities such as towels, toothbrushes and toilet paper from the hotel maintenance.

Autonomous Delivery Robots

You might have seen this one pop up in the last few years and it has optimized hotel operations immensely. The robot can deliver anything from water bottles to towels directly to the guests’ room. It announces when it arrives at the hotel door and will return to base once its delivery is filled.

Guest Apps

To do all the above and more, hotels will need an app available to guests and staff. Having the remote check-in, digital keys and amenity requests all in the same space will make it extremely convenient for guests and staff. You can provide some services on the app to schedule a room cleaning, hire a car, book a taxi, Uber, or airport souffle bus. You can also use the app to send mid-stay surveys to your guests to check that they are enjoying their stay, if they are not you can then provide a way to improve their experience rather than waiting until the end of their stay when it is too late.

Guest apps are a great way for hotels to monitor their guests’ experience and get real-time updates from their guests to help improve their stay. It is also a good opportunity to advertise upgrades to guests that they might not have seen when booking.

Hotel technology is key to user experience

Technology plays a big role within the hotel sector, not only does it improve customer convenience but it also provides an experience that will make customers want to come back and recommend their family and friends. When guests stay at a hotel that offers more than a standard hotel experience it will make them feel like they are getting a premium experience. It is also a great way to help hotel operations run smoothly and keep staff in touch with their guests at all times.

Technology is always evolving so hotels must keep up to date with new technology and updates on current devices and apps they use. In the technology world, a hotel can be quickly outpaced by the competition if they do not do their research and move with the advances of technology quickly enough. Having these technologies in place will help the hotel business grow faster meaning they can then start to expand and take advantage of any future pieces of technology that will help improve the hotel even more.