5 solid tips to make your marriage last longer


Marriage is the most divine of relationships on the earth. It provides one with a sense of comfort and joy that nothing else can.

But it may be the most difficult relationship to maintain and in which to remain committed. Once a marriage turns sour, there is no way to return to normal again.

Living in a married relationship, your everyday worry might be that it would become sour or dissolve. Your fears are not groundless, as many marriages end up dissolving these days. For this reason, you need to take the following precautions and remain consistent with your partner.

Reminisce Early Relationship Days

In every marriage relationship, the early days of falling in love and developing affection are the gentlest of memories for a couple. Those days may be the best in your life and whenever you reminisce about them, your passion can be reignited, and you will feel more love towards your partner. By keeping these memories alive in your home, you can implement a deeper relationship with your partner with displayed memories. Be it photographs or keepsakes that remind you of good times, display them prominently in your home to keep things ignited.

Give Your Partner Space

Couples indeed need to be together every day to stay close and keep the love flowing between them. But being together all the time can kill the excitement factor.  It can also create a sense of clinginess towards your partner.  It’s best to give your spouse adequate space and time for them to carry out tasks they feel comfortable handling alone. It could be meeting with their pals or even going to the toilet to manage their business. Watch as the excitement in your relationship increases as you build some distance and then meet again.

Forget Fights Easily

Disagreements and arguments are inevitable in a relationship. Your relationship isn’t toxic if you have a few disagreements once or twice a week, it’s actually a sign that it’s healthy. Don’t be upset that you argue with your spouse from time to time.  Forgive them quickly so that the sour factor and the awkwardness dissolve rapidly and you’re back to normal. Make efforts to adjust to some of the needs of your partner and they will do the same for you.


In any relationship, you have to be patient and learn to comply with your partner’s needs. After you two begin to emerge from the honeymoon phase and live a normal life, you will get to know your partner better and some of their inconsistencies will be transparent to you. They might voice their concerns to you daily. These can sometimes be baseless, but you need to learn to listen to them to show your concern for your partner. Don’t criticize them, and opt to become an ear more often than a mouth.

Be Affectionate On a Daily Basis

Couples often overlook the most important thing that binds and keeps a marriage. It’s affection and touch that makes you and your partner one. Show love to your partner day and night and whenever you have the chance. There isn’t an affection-scale that you can overdo in a day. To introduce spice in your bed routines, you can get help from sites with swingers and the like. Hug and kiss every time you part and meet your spouse, no matter how short the interval. Don’t let any opportunity to touch go undone. Sit close to your partner anywhere and share a plate if you both feel comfortable.