5 profitable wellness business ideas


Getting and staying healthy is a big business nowadays. In fact, reports show that the health and wellness industry is worth over $4 trillion – there’s never been a better time to start working on improving your health and fitness.

And, the great news for entrepreneurs is that this industry lends itself to all kinds of different business ideas. Whether you’re looking to work with clients directly, work from home, sell online, or start an office-based business, there’s a health and wellness option out there for you. We’ve put together some profitable health and wellness business ideas that you might be interested in.


Health supplements are big business these days. People are taking supplements alongside a healthy and balanced diet to help with all kinds of things, ranging from weight loss to muscle gain or improved digestion and nicer skin, hair, and nails. Thanks to the booming e-commerce industry, it’s easier than ever to get started selling supplements online, using an affordable online shop platform like Shopify paired with a strong social media marketing strategy. You could sell supplements supplied to you by manufacturers or make your own – check out these tools for making supplements manufactured in the USA.

Personal Training

People are always going to want to lose some extra pounds – whether it’s a complete lifestyle change or they just want to put some extra work in to look and feel better in themselves for a big upcoming event. Because of this, it’s safe to say that personal trainers are always going to be in demand – working with a personal trainer usually achieves better results than going it alone, as trainers keep their clients motivated and accountable. And, personal trainers often help people who have no idea what they’re doing to learn how to exercise most effectively to reach their goals.

To start your own business as a personal trainer, you’ll need to get the relevant qualifications. Then, the options are endless – you could work at a gym or fitness center as a contractor, work with clients at their homes, or even create and sell an online personal training course for clients to download and use.


The nutrition industry is booming – busy schedules often mean that it’s hard to spend time every day cooking healthy, balanced meals. So, an increasing number of people are turning to companies to do the hard work for them. If you enjoy cooking, you could offer a personal healthy chef service to your clients; preparing their food for the week ahead. Or if you enjoy writing, why not write and publish a recipe book for healthy yet easy dishes.


Massage therapy is a hugely profitable field in the health and wellness industry. Massage therapists help people with reducing stress, pain, and tension and can earn an average salary of over £40k. If you’re interested in setting up a business offering massage treatments, you’ll need to take a course – or hire people with the qualification – and make sure that you have all required state licenses. Other business expenses to expect include massage equipment like tables, oils and any other tools you need for the services you provide. A massage therapy business gives you the option to work from your own home or visit your clients at theirs.

Mental Health Support

Mental health is finally getting the kind of attention that it deserves and as a result, there’s an increasing demand for mental health support services. You could train as a therapist and take that route, but there are many other options for entrepreneurs looking to get into this field of the health industry. Mindfulness apps, for example, are taking the world by storm.

Which of these health and wellness businesses is most suited for you?