5 benefits of using an open source project management software for your startups


Project management software is a non-negotiable part of any company to work on multiple projects effectively at the same time.

From telecommunication to marketing business, every industry requires project management software to tackle all their needs in a customized way.

The open-source kind is trendy among the newbies as they don’t sweat enough on coding and other programming complexities.

Besides these factors, several other benefits save you from making blunders. This article underlined the significant five benefits of using open-source project management software.


Be it any open source project management software; it is comparatively cheaper than other project management software. This is what makes many entrepreneurs and project managers choose the open-source one.

It provides the ability for you to “start from scratch” and then eventually scale it up.

For example, OrangeScrum offers its users customizable templates with their pre-existing support forms starting at just $9 per month.

As almost all start-ups face budget constraints, this is a smart option to make.

Improved agility and flexibility

Open-source project management software is the greatest blessing when it comes to business agility and flexibility.

Briefly, every startup faces challenges at the initial stages of their business; you can’t depend on one solution to solve the massive problem during these times.

Open source presents multiple possible solutions to tackle the problem skillfully. Suppose you want an agile project management strategy effected for your project, and you couldn’t find it in a project management software; you have to wait for the vendor to upgrade that feature in your software.

Instead, you can save time by switching to open source project management software, where you can create your personalized requirements.

Integrated with other tools

Do you want to integrate your time tracking and accounting software to integrate with your open source project management software? Then, yes, it is feasible with ease.

You needn’t manually switch between time tracker and project management to schedule the meetings with your team.

You will get all the reports of the time spent by your employees and expense made from the allocated budget in one dashboard.

With this, you can compare and analyze weekly and monthly performance reviews instantly.

Solid security and support

Security breaches and hacking terrify us on day to day basis, fearing our data will be secured or not.

Moreover, software solutions providing supreme features but with a flawed security system is of no use.

Most open source project management software brings highly stringent codes to crack-based security systems that hardly any outsider can access.

Apparently, open source provides a better support system to their customers with enhanced portability, affordable license fees, and customization without worrying about vendor lock.

Captivate talents

Open-source project management software gives the start-up business to attract fresh talents. How?

As most professional technologists know where their industry is heading towards, open source allows them to create their projects and collaborate with the clients without any hindrance.

This paves the way for them to work with freedom putting out creative and innovative ideas to action.

For example, your employees are interested in pitching creative solutions to their client’s existing problem; they can utilize the open-source project management software to share all their opinions in the discussion forums.

By which, you can review each one of them after a deep thought instead of talking out in the air.


Customization is the key to any open-source software. With this, you can strongly sense the future of open source project management software arriving at web, mobile, and cloud. So, it is likely to invest in open-source software for your startup business.