4 tips against office theft


Every company has things that shouldn’t fall in the wrong hands. You don’t want someone to break in andgrab the computers or worse: steal company data.

To make sure everything is locked up safely, you need to protect your data online and secure everything in the office. In this article, we give you four tips to thoroughly protect all your valuables.


Having CCTV cameras next to your entrances and exits, can deter thieves from trying to break in. Professional thieves will cover their faces or stay out of view, but if someone more impulsively tries to break in, their images will be recorded by the CCTV. Nowadays you can even get the images sent live to an app on your mobile phone. CCTV might be considered a bit old-fashioned, but these cameras still prove their value every day.

Get a good alarm system

A good way to protect your office is by having a top-notch alarm system. Add a strong alarm to every door and window as well; so if someone tries to open the door or the window outside of office hours the alarm goes off. A Hikvision or Ajax alarm system (Dutch: Ajax alarmsysteem) transmit emergency signals to police or the business owner.

Use laptop locks or laptop safes

A good laptop isn’t cheap. As a company, you don’t want anyone to steal a bunch of them. Next to the monetary value, are laptops usually stuffed to the brim with personal information and company data. If that falls into the wrong hands, it might give a company even more issues. You can even get sued! For that reason, it’s super important to have a company policy for the laptops. You can choose for a safe wall, so every employee has their own safe or a laptop lock. Laptop locks can be attached to a hole in the side of the laptop and on the other side get looped around a non-movable object. They’re relatively inexpensive and ideal if the desks are bolted to the floor.

Make sure every employee is safe online

Some office theft can’t be seen straight away. But if a hacker steals all the important data of your company, your company may get a bad reputation if the word gets out and you can get in a lot of trouble. Make sure you also have a policy in place on how to handle data. Let every employee follow a training on how to recognize phishing and what to do with personal information, so you don’t get sued for accidentally leaking important information.