4 mistakes to avoid when replacing window treatments

Window blind

The effects of wear and tear extend to all parts of the home including window coverings.

A good way to improve the look of your home is to replace blinds for bay windows when due.

While it may be easy to decide when it’s the right time to change out your window treatments, the decision is followed by a complicated period where you consider the variety of options available, their pros and cons, and your budget.

To avoid buying a window treatment that will detract from the style of your home and leave you with regrets, it’s best to know what mistakes to avoid. Read on to find out what not to do when replacing window treatments.

Selecting window coverings in the wrong size

Whether you intend to do your shopping online or in the hardware store, picking window treatments in the wrong size will result in a wasted investment. To avoid this, take careful measurements of each window.

At this point, the help of a professional would come in handy. Measurements for windows coverings must be clear and precise to avoid collecting incorrect data.

While you may be able to do the task on your own, hiring an expert will save you time and also ensure that the proper measurements are taken and recorded.

Failing to consider safety

Window treatments help to enhance the look and feel of a home. However, being too preoccupied with style can prevent you from considering other important factors such as the safety hazards window treatments pose.

For example, the cords and chains on blinds can easily strangle a little child if kept within reach. Before making a final purchase, it’s best to consider how your choice of window covering may affect your children, pets, and other people in the home and eliminate any possible risk.

Ignoring the overall decor of your home

This is a common mistake that people make. The appearance and style of your home are two important factors that you must consider when replacing your window treatments. This means that you must think about both the interior and exterior of your home.

If you live in a traditional suburban home, then print Roman shades would be too sophisticated and bamboo blinds may not be a perfect fit either.

Disregarding functionality

Most homeowners tend to get carried away with the aesthetic value of window treatments that they fail to consider its function.

Understand that window covering serve a variety of purposes from light control and insulation to providing privacy and protecting the interior of your home from the effects of weather.

With this in mind, you can easily pinpoint what you hope to achieve with your window treatment replacements. Consider the condition of your home in different seasons and weather and ensure that your new addition will provide the required insulation year-round.


In addition to the above mistakes, another thing to avoid is choosing the wrong hardware. Be sure to consult an expert at the hardware store or home improvement professional to ensure that the supplies you pick will support the weight of your window covering and keep it secure.