Why your business should embrace maintenance culture in 2019

office maintenance

As 2018 draws to a close, the new year presents the perfect opportunity to fine tune your business for success in 2019.

From SMEs to corporates, having a facilities maintenance programme in place is crucial to optimal business operations, says Smarter Business.

If you are considering overhauling your maintenance strategy or are weighing up the pros and cons, what should business owners and maintenance managers take into consideration?

The true cost of your business maintenance. Case studies conducted around the world provide evidence that regular maintenance strategies have a range of benefits for businesses and organisations. Outsourcing to facilities maintenance companies is often dismissed for budgetary reasons, but this needs to be carefully looked at with the broader picture in mind. What is the true cost of deferred maintenance? What are the all-inclusive costs of an in-house maintenance department, equipment, staff, and storage and office space? What does it cost your business when your equipment goes down?

Equipment cannot run on hope alone. Your business equipment needs maintenance. Failing to conduct routine maintenance is waiting for disaster. If you have conducted reactive maintenance in the past, you will know the disruptive effect this can have. A planned preventative maintenance schedule reduces the need for emergency call-outs and contingency plans.

The role of maintenance within your business ethos. Conducting regular maintenance on your equipment has far-reaching consequences for your business. If you are actively pursuing ways to improve efficiency, reduce energy usage, and increase safety within your business, your facility should reflect this. These are critical marketable points for any business. Where machinery is running at its best, it uses fewer resources and increases outputs. Facilities maintenance specialists can also give an indication of leading technologies and advise on alternatives for operational excellence to give you a competitive edge.

It matters to your employees. From the efficient running of the heating or HVAC to your business’s key equipment, your employees bear the brunt of systems failure – whether in terms of personal comfort, the ability to perform their jobs, or manage customer expectations. By working with facilities maintenance specialists, you not only improve the safety of working conditions – you reduce stress levels and the redistribution of resources when things go wrong by having a team on call to assist you when you need them.

Hand over responsibility to the right partner. An in-house maintenance team is an added burden for your business. The people, equipment, management, and space all present added expenses to your business. Maintenance tools and equipment, the space to house them on your premises, the staff and members of management required to manage them are all added burdens on your business. Outsourced facilities maintenance teams remove the need to manage these processes, gives you the assurance of latest training, and provides you with insights into industry trends.

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