Why every business should use a TPI for their energy

energy bills

With the rising price of energy, few businesses in Britain can ignore strategising around this essential cost.

From procurement managers to buyers, businesses are exploring different ways to get the most out of their energy contracts. Using a third-party intermediary is the number one way businesses of all sizes stand to optimise their energy portfolio – and this goes beyond pure procurement.

“Businesses want different service. Some of them want consolidation. Some of them want internal account managers to talk to. It depends on their spend. It depends on their level of engagement,” says top energy consultants, Smarter Business. “Sometimes you’ve got to place that customer and their business based on their requirements with a supplier with the right product or morals, policies, billing requirements, and payment requirements in place to ensure that customer’s contract runs as seamlessly as possible.”

With this in mind, here are some reasons to consider using a TPI to strategise around your commercial energy:

As a business owner, you are more engaged than ever.With energy forming such an integral cost in the running of SMEs and big corporates, business owners are more informed than ever about the energy market – and this is great for stimulating the market.

Information with ease.From understanding tariffs, commodity and non-commodity charges to unpicking the intricacies of the terms of energy contracts, using a TPI is the shortest way to understand energy. This saves time which is better spent growing your business and achieving your goals.

A tailored service to suit your unique business needs. Every business is different – and the expectations of every business owner is different. If you are a small business owner looking to fulfil the instant need of securing the best tariff on renewal or if you are a corporate looking for data analysis and reporting, a TPI should offer a full suite of bespoke services to meet your needs.

TPIs can save you money.With supplier relationships and the knowledge to accurately budget forecast, TPIs have the ability to shop the market effectively and provide unbiased options and assist business owners in making the best, most informed decision around their energy contracts.

TPIs take the hassle out of shopping the energy market.By working with a customer-centred TPI with a keen focus on transparency and compliance, securing the best energy contract for business is a seamless affair. This saves on the invaluable time and resources it would take to independently source these deals.

A long-term solution. By working with a reputable TPI, you will have a partner who will work with you for the duration of your contract (and beyond if you choose). By working with the right TPI, you will enjoy a consultative experience – one where you have a partner to address any issues and strategise around your business energy. With innovation growing within the industry, businesses also now have access to powerful technology and tools through TPIs which can save the cost and environmental burden of commercial energy usage.

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