What uses up electricity the most?

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When it comes to responsible energy usage, knowledge is key. Many people want to use less energy but aren’t sure what uses up the majority of the energy in their homes.

Electricity needs vary greatly, but these are some of the top electricity users in the average home.

Heating and Cooling

Since most homes require some heating or cooling system, this cost takes up the majority of electricity usage. It can be close to 50% of the energy used in a home. Not only does this cost a fair amount, but it’s also a lot of usage for homeowners who may want to be more eco-friendly. There are many ways to save on heating and cooling needs, so it’s worth exploring options in this area.

Water Heater

Regardless of the size of the home, it’s going to use up hot water. Showers, the washer, dishes, and more all require hot water. While it’s impossible to get away from hot water entirely for most homes, reducing usage is often possible. For homes that have a lot of people, reducing hot water usage can result in significant savings over time.

Washer and Dryer

If the house has a washer and dryer, then it’s going to be using up a fair amount of energy. The more energy efficient models are a great way to cut back on usage. Also, many people find that they do fewer loads of laundry throughout the week and this can make a significant difference as well. Regardless of how you choose to cut back, it’s important to know a washer and dryer contribute to costs.

Computer Usage

Computers, especially desktops, use a fair amount of electricity. Most people have at least one computer in their homes and may even have several. Running a computer constantly, even when not in use, can use up a lot of electricity. Consider turning off computers and even unplugging them when they’re not being used. Additionally, laptops tend to use less energy than desktops so it may be worth considering simply having laptops.


It takes a lot of electricity to cool, and a refrigerator is a must-have in most homes. Although there are energy star models available, simply having a fridge is going to use up electricity. Consider having only one instead of several and use the cooling settings to be as efficient as possible. When following these guidelines, most people find that their fridge doesn’t have huge electricity costs.

These are the major users of electricity in the average household. It may not be possible to cut down on all electricity costs, but there are many ways to be more efficient. Companies like Electricity Monster can also help people save on their bills by offering competitive and lower rates for energy and gas.

It’s a good idea to use various methods to save on energy costs. Consider making changes that will reduce electricity usage and also using a cost-saving company to make a large dent in the monthly electric bills.