Smarter Business puts the power back into customers’ hands with optimal time, effort and energy cost savings solutions

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Most business energy users spend weeks shopping around for the best rates from one of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers, yet this goal so often remains elusive—are you one of them?

Or are you one of many end-users struggling to manage multiple energy contracts with varying start and end dates—an unnecessarily time-consuming burden.

As specialists in procuring and negotiating the market’s most favourable commercial utility contracts, Smarter Business has helped thousands of businesses save significant costs on their utility bills over the years, applying our holistic, multi-faceted approach.

As one of the UK’s largest business-to-business utilities brokers, Smarter Business offers businesses savings on all essential services, including electricity, gas, water, waste, telecoms and facilities maintenance.

By partnering with us, we ensure that you benefit from the most cost-effective contracts, pricing plans and management systems for your requirements, no matter the size and turnover of your enterprise.

Our deep industry knowledge and close relationships with reputable suppliers means we can quickly compare tariffs on your behalf, securing the best value-for-money deals and contract terms for your bespoke needs, while supporting you with unmatched market insights.

Eliminating complexity for a consolidated approach to energy

The staggering savings we’ve recently achieved forSuperCity, a chain of luxury serviced hotels with a growing footprint across multiple locations, is a case in point.

With our deep expertise in covering large, multi-site, energy-intensive clients, Smarter Business devised an effective energy strategy that aligned with SuperCity’s existing infrastructure and expansion plans, after reviewing its operations holistically.

“As an intermediary, Smarter Business got the ball rolling very quickly, dealing with things that were beyond our range of experience,” explainsthe financial director at SuperCity.

Turning challenges into a staggering £250 000 saving for SuperCity

“Energy is a big expense in our business and we had multiple contracts with various suppliers.  We needed to get better electricity and gas rates and make savings while retendering the contracts.”

“Through Smarter Business, we discovered we could make an immediate £250 000 per-year saving by switching with them—without them charging a fee.”

With the help of Smarter Business, SuperCity now operates on a streamlined energy system suited to its operations, in line with its money-saving strategy.

Smarter Business’s Dataview helps customers drive down their bills

As energy markets have evolved, we’ve tailored our energy audit service towards the larger energy user by helping customers develop the most cost-effective utility management strategy, using our energy management dashboard to optimise their energy usage and reduce their energy spend.

Every business owner knows that an effective monitoring system is the cornerstone to success.  Through our one-stop cost and consumption reporting platform, Dataview gives you a 360° view of all your utility assets online to help you reduce your energy consumption and drive down your bills.

Dataview gives you deep usage and spend insights to help you identify energy cost savings for your business, from your energy consumption patterns to usage times, Dataview generates over 500 specialised reports to ensure that all aspects of your utility performance can be monitored, affording an unprecedented level of invoicing and performance predictability across your energy portfolios.

Through this comprehensive reporting platform, you’ll have direct access to your data, stored by a fully-accredited data collection company, providing you with independence from energy suppliers.

With your Smarter Business account manager on hand to review your data with you, you’ll be able to conduct a thorough assessment of the factors that influence your energy bill, to generate the savings you deserve off the back of expert advice.

By evaluating your historic energy demand, peak usage times, and days of high and low activity, you’ll be able to actively manage your supply capacity, optimise potential savings, and avoid penalties.

With Dataview, you’ll have a holistic view of your entire portfolio for multiple utilities, enabling multi-site benchmarking, and it’ll alert you if you near your capacity within the month, or to sudden changes in your energy patterns, potentially saving you thousands before this is picked up on your billing.

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