New year, new business savings resolutions

energy bills

It may be the time of year when personal resolutions start to fall by the wayside, but your business resolutions should start to take shape.

These should all have your bottom line in mind – and your utilities and business services are a good place to start. By shopping the market for the best deals and adopting sustainable practices, finance for non financial managers within the business could potentially unlock immense savings, says utilities broker Smarter Business. Here is your energy resolutions quick guide for 2019.

Switch things up a bit. When it comes to your utilities contracts, adaptability is key. If your contracts are coming up for renewal, it is the perfect chance to shop the market for the best tariff. Doing a full market comparison is the only way to truly secure the best deal for you.

Switch to strategic thinking. Many businesses ignore utilities as a given expense every month, but they really are a hotbed for strategic planning. Getting the right contract for your business’s unique requirements is the first step. Making your utilities work for you is the next. With smart meters and technology, you are able to monitor usage, identify energy-intensive areas, quickly rectify problems, and design a strategy for savings. An environmentally-conscious ethos is of strategic benefit as a marketing point too.

Switch things off. Your business could save up to 10% on its energy bills by adopting small changes for increased energy efficiency. Work together with your team to implement a new approach to energy by switching off lights and appliances. You may also consider conducting workshops and training to generate real understanding around your energy strategy and why it’s important. Conducting regular facilities maintenance on machinery and appliances can also make them run more efficiently, which can affect your invoice amounts.

Switch to a consolidated approach. By partnering with the right company, you can get a full suite of business services from one provider who takes the time to really understand your business needs. When it comes to your utilities contracts, this stands to be a great time-saving exercise. With long-standing relationships with suppliers, they are positioned to broker the best deal on your behalf.

If you are looking to give life to your business service resolutions in 2019, Smarter Business is here to assist. Contact Smarter Business today to find out more about their energy and business solutions. Click here.