Changing our approach to leadership by unlocking the power of the natural world

Workplace stress

Today’s fast-moving, increasingly disconnected and uncertain world means we need to find new, better ways to lead, deliver a competitive edge and build trust.

Experienced leadership facilitator, Rosie Tomkins, says we need to give those people who are shouldering responsibility more awareness of the power of the natural world and recognise a different form of intelligence that she calls NQ – Natural Intelligence – the missing ingredient of leading, performing at the top of your game and achieving outstanding personal and business success.

First time author, Rosie, has written a revealing and inspirational book, called N-Stinctive: The Power of Natural Intelligence. The book aims to help individuals and teams thrive and flourish by re-connecting with their own innate strengths and beliefs rather than rely on learnt responses from other people’s experiences. It draws upon her extensive knowledge, insights and practical experience in the field to provide a new perspective on developing leaders that she describes as a four-legged chair compared to the three-legged stool of traditional leadership training.

“In nature, animals instinctively know the best survival strategy, it’s built into their DNA. They trust it implicitly to stay alive. Human beings have 300,000 years of leadership DNA but have stopped trusting it and no longer know how to access it. To survive and flourish in today’s disconnected world we need to change leadership styles in response to different business situations and environments. It’s time to discover our animal self and become a better leader,” said Rosie.

With employee engagement and wellness increasingly an integral part of business strategy, Rosie brings her powerful insights from the natural world and reminds us of the success of the collaborative herd instead of the alpha male mentality of dog eat dog often perpetuated by business. This brings leaders a sense of balance so that they can influence the world from a more grounded perspective.

N-Stinctive: The Power of Natural Intelligence is published by Urbane Publications and will be available from 20 February 2020.