Motoring Review: BMW X6

How comfortable is it?
The interior is similar to the smaller and more familiar X5 but with one big difference. BMW has given it 4 seats rather than 5 to provide a more coupé-like feel. The seats are big and comfortable, with plenty of
legroom too, but the sloping roofline restricts rear headroom for the tallest adults.

What is it like to drive?
The low centre of gravity combines well with BMW’s xDrive technology which distributes the power between the axles according to traction available. There is plenty of power on tap too, with even the 3.5-litre
diesel powering from 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds. The X6 is better to drive than other premium SUVs, but several more conventional vehicles at similar price levels leave it trailing.

Will it impress?
The X6 is big, fast, expensive and wears BMW badging. That used to impress, but no longer. SUVs have lost many fans, high performance is coming under increasing fire and brash ‘loadsamoney motors’ are out of tune with a punch-drunk economy. So a boldly styled performance SUV will only impress the most gauche.

Does it make financial sense?
The range extends from a 235bhp 3-litre turbo-diesel at £42,355 to a 299bhp 4.4-litre petrol at £53,770. From October you can even opt for a 555bhp twin-turbo V8 X6 M. Leasing costs around £750 pcm for the most basic models, with rates that are 5-10% higher than an X5.

What else should I consider?
If you want a BMW, then a 5-series estate makes more sense. It it’s got to be an SUV, then go for the X5. If you want to stay German, then a top model Audi A6 Avant is a more practical alternative, while a Mercedes CLS four-door coupé is more stylish. The Jaguar XF saloon is tempting, too, as is the facelifted Range Rover Sport.

Any toys and gadgets?
Lots of goodies are standard, and right at the moment BMW is offering a complimentary Dynamic and Media package upgrade including sat-nav, sports seats, 19” alloys, electric, memory seats and Bluetooth phone connection. This could have something to do with less than buoyant X6 sales.

What does it say about me?
On the plus side, it emphasises a drive for high performance, wealth and a willingness to stand out from the crowd. At the same time, it suggests a rather impractical, attention-seeking tendency – and a blinkered loyalty to the BMW brand exceeding the boundaries of common sense.