Motoring Review: Mercedes C Class

Mercedes-Benz has announced it is immediately recalling nearly one million older vehicles worldwide due to a potential problem with the braking system.

The latest generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is probably the most aspirational compact executive saloon on the market and this vehicle will not disappoint you.

Significant others are:
•    BMW 3 Series
•    Audi A4
•    Lexus IS

Models and Engines comprise of:
•    Models: Elegance, SE and Sport
•    Engines: 1.8, 2.5v6 , 3.0v6 & 3.5v6 petrol and 2.0l 2.2l 3.0v6 Diesel

Vehicle Appraisal


The C-Class comes alive, with a shape that has real road presence and a stature that is more substantial. The twin headlamps are gone, replaced by sleek oblong eyes and a wide retro grill, which is probably the most striking feature on the vehicle! The grills on the SE and Elegance are more subtle than the Sport variant, which hosts a prominent three-pointed star (previously only featured on the C-Class Sports Coupe). More pronounced wheel arches make the C-Class looks like a baby S-Class from the side.


The interior has the quality feel you would expect, with sound, logical instrumentation where it’s easy to set your preferences without assistance from a gadget-savvy 10 year old. Taller drivers may feel a little cocooned in the cockpit but a panoramic roof option gives a sense of light and space. It also looks great with the Calcite White exterior colour.

Handling/ Performance

Watch out 3-Series, the C-Class has got true spirit. The drive is invigorating, surprisingly light on its toes and precise in the corners. A great blend of sportiness, comfort and quality rolled into a compact saloon.


The best C-Class to date. The Sport variant looks the business. Colours that complement are black, silver and, making a come-back, white.