Utilising your computer inventory software


Are you trying to find a way to keep your IT company protected from underlying threats? Find out how in this post.

Knowing the exact location of your computers, their configuration, and what they have is used for a myriad of reasons. Annually, businesses waste large sums of money on useless software and hardware purchases that can be avoided by efficient planning and reports made by a computer inventory system.

This affects small and large companies and not just huge IT corporations with large departments. And, the situation is more difficult than because employees bring their personal devices to work, which makes it harder for the management team to plan future purchases.

Computer software solutions support tracking software licenses. This is an important feature to make sure that software agreements are compliant and helps prepare for software license audit.

Considering the complications of software license landscapes, a software solution that can send alerts when it spots a compliance issue will help make the business run more smoothly and save time and money. And in this guide, we’ll show three of the best computer inventory software applications in the market.

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a computer inventory software platform that has a user interface that helps with asset management and tracking. Asset Panda can handle a multitude of software and hardware assets and is available via mobile applications and online.

Asset Panda has a US-based customer service option. People can use this software solution for up to 14 days as a trial period.

Win Audit

WinAudit is designed for Windows computers. The software is free and can be distributed without user restrictions. WinAudit’s main purpose is to make a comprehensive report on the machine’s configuration then save it on an HTML, CSV or RTF file.

While it lacks some advanced network management and auditing features that make high-end software solutions such as Network Inventory Advisor so useful to network administrators, its perfect for small businesses and home users that can get by with a simple software system.

Network Inventory Advisor

Network Inventory Advisor is one of the most popular computer inventory software systems to date. It’s capable of creating flexible software and hardware reports. This includes MAC OS, Linux, and Windows-based devices and other standalone and network equipment.

This is an agentless software application that supports collection, license aggregation, and management for over 500 vendors. This includes popular companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, and others.

Network Inventory Advisor supports multiple networks which can be easily managed via its interface. This is a great tool for MSPs that want to use one platform to manage networks and then switch them out with one click. You can easily group, ungroup, regroup, edit, and reassign multiple nodes at once, and then filtering the network inventory within a few clicks.

This software has a fair price, with no hidden fees or limitations to think about. And Network Inventory Advisor is usable for small businesses to large enterprises. It offers a free trial version on the official website which allows users to test out the software with 25 node networks for 14 days.


To conclude, your computer inventory software is the most important assets to your business. Not only does it find issues faster than traditional methods, but it also helps you adjust your software and hardware as you see fit. Try using each of these inventory software applications and see which one suits you the most!