Under Review: HTC One S


HTC have put a lot of effort into making the One S their sleekest, lightest smartphone yet. A mere 119.5g and thin as you like it’ll easily slot near-unnoticed into a jacket pocket.

Boasting a large 4.3″ screen with excllent ambient light sensors and pin-point detail, the One S easily outdoes their fruit-logoed rivals. This makes watching videos all the more enjoyable and perhaps more importantly for businesses, means that the small-text from emails and websites is easily readable even from distance.

The HTC One S has an 8MP camera with auto-focus, LED flash and the ability to shoot video at 1080p. You also get the ability to take photos and shoot video simultaneously and continuous shooting for photographs.

The HTC One S makes use of the Android platform and whether you want to go this way over Apple is really down to you. Designed by Google, this intuitive platform gives you access to over 70,000 apps and crucially is compatible with widgets. This makes it far easier to browse social networking websites, recieve news and listen to music. More importantly it gives you access to Google Apps: every smartphone for example comes with a turn-by-turn navigation app.

Additional Features
With a flick of the wrist you can turn on the fantastic car-friendly option, giving you the option of hands-free navigation using Google Maps and satellite positioning. You can also play music and recieve calls.

Every HTC One S comes with the innovative Beats headphones. Sure music lovers are divided over their quality, but for free headphones they are of extremely high quality.

An extremely accessible phone, the HTC One S is almost as simple to use as their iPhone rivals and perhaps boasts a better virtual keypad. It baosts a massive screen, an excellent camera and an array of useful features. Ultimately it is up to you whether you prefer to take an Android phone over Apple with their vast app library, but Andriod’s accessible setup and widgets are definitely selling points.

If you are looking into purchasing an Android phone, the HTC One S would make a brilliant choice. It is accessible, durable and intuitive- in short, everything you need.

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Business Matters Rating:
4.8 out of 5