There is a buzz around Google

Google and facebook

Unlike some other projects made by Google, the Buzz service received positive comments on its Twitter hashtag channel [#buzz] and who knows, maybe Google Buzz is something that will push the Google into right direction.

Unfortunately for the company, Google Wave did not fare as well as Google hoped, unlike stellar successes such as Gmail, Google Voice and many more.

By looking at Google’s social media efforts, it looks like the company was not that lucky to grab his part of the “social networks” cake or simply has issues finding a monetizing platform for projects in

So far nor Orkut, OpenSocial nor Google Wave was interesting enough to attract users and to become global phenomena like Facebook and Twitter.

On G.Buzz users can write updates, add photos and videos, share interesting articles and stuff integrating with Twitter, Google Reader, Picasa and Flickr.

Users will be able to limit what they are sharing with selected contacts, what could be interesting to companies and groups that are already using Google Apps. As the tradition orders, mobile users were
not forgotten – you can download Google Buzz and start Buzzing from phones as well. So far looks very interesting – we’ll see if this was the right move for Google or not.