Start designing an online logo with Logogenie

Looking to design a quick and easy logo for your company without the hassles of going through a design agency? Try the online method!

This quick and easy method allows you to create a logo by using templates that you can customize online.

With the online logo design tools, you can adjust colors, drag and drop elements, add extra details and pretty much anything else that you feel like doing. But most importantly the online method allows you to stay on control of every stage of your design from start to finish. What you see is what you get, and there are plenty of tutorials to help you along the way!

Thanks to Logogenie’s online design tools, designing a logo has never been easier. No need for any design or IT skills, the user interface is extremely well designed and has simple, easy-to-use online tools that you can get a hang of instantly. It’s basically a no brainer.

We’re going to show you just how it works and how easy it is to make an online logo in just 3 simple steps, here we go :

1. You’ll need your company details (company name and slogan), You can enter this information on the company logo details page, entering your company name, slogan and your industry allows the system to show you adapted logo templates on the next step with a selection of logo icons and your company details in a neat little logo composition, 

2. Next step, you’ll have to choose a logo template ! Logogenie’s algorithms will display a range of logo templates that are aligned with your company’s industry and any other keywords that the system has spotted in your company name and slogan. This means that the logo icons will be adapted to your company and you won’t be presented with random icons that have nothing to do with your business like most online logo design sites.

3.  Once you’ve choosen your logo template, you can change the layout and adjust details as required on the custom logo online tools. By using the online tools, you’ll be able to change colors, select different fonts, add extra details such as icons, lines, special details and shapes. Eg. You can surround part of your text with a rectangular shape in order to make a word stand out. But the design options are pretty much limiteless. With a bit of imagination, you can really whip up something very original and personalized in just a few minutes.

Once you’ve finished customizing your logo, it’s time to hit the validate button and render the logo. This will take you to the preview page where you’ll have to sign up so that you can save your logo on your user account. The great thing about Logogenie is that the preview page give you a special mock-up design of your logo before having to check out so that you can show your partners and friends the design. 

Once you’re ready to check out, just connect yourself to your user account, click on buy now next to your logo and you’ll be able to purchase HD files of your logo instantly. The logo is very affordable and you don’t have to wait around like you would with design agencies. We’re talking about direct download straight from you user account. You can also choose to buy special options like the social network package: a set of images of your logo cropped to the right dimensions for your social network pages, Facebook, Twitter, Intagram… and packages like the vector package which is very useful for printing large printed media elements like signs, stationary products, etc…

Why don’t you give Logogenie a try and see what kind of amazing logos you can design on your own. It’s quick and easy, Try logogenie’s online logo maker now !