SME’s guide to building a website with NO experience

website building


With no experience, there are multiple tools available out there that will allow you to create your own website without learning any code or stressing over what acronym means what (SSL, SSD, FTP, SSH…what do they all mean?)

So, if you’re an SME just starting out and looking to build your very own site, here’s a quick guide:

Make use of a website builder

A website builder is a ready made tool, that allows you to pay a fee and create a personalised website featuring your content on a pre created template. For those starting out they are a great option, although they are not as flexible as you might like them to be when it comes to customisation of design. A builder gives you the satisfaction of a plug and play site. If you can’t afford a developer it’s well worth it.

Or use a blogging platform

Wordpress and Blogger allow you to create websites in the same way a website builder does, using a template, filling it with content and publishing pages and posts as and when needed. For more advanced templates you may have to pay a fee, but sometimes it is worth doing this to ensure your site looks professional and appealing. You can even add store elements if you buy into a professional business plan with these sites, that allow you to sell securely through your site.

Purchase a domain name

It’s so important to register your domain name before you even begin creating your website. You can find these on domain register sites, where you pay a fee and then own the domain for a year or a set period before renewing again later. It’s important you renew when needed and choose a domain that looks reputable ( and .com are preferred but if they are not available you could go for .net or .biz). You can take this domain with you, even if you move your website to another host, so it’s worth investing in.

Choose a website builder that hosts too

Web hosting is tricky business, there are servers to manage and security to install, but using a website builder allows you to skip this step as they cover these bases for you. This is definitely recommended, as it protects you from hackers and if you have a store on the site it ensures it is safe for visitors to buy through.

As an SME, building a website with no experience means leaning on the professionals and using every free tool to your advantage. Backtrack ten, even five, years ago and this would not have been possible but drop and drag builders are so common and affordable now everyone can have a great looking website without the stress of learning code!