Review: Kanex multi-sync keyboard

On any busy day, you can find yourself writing up a report on your Mac, having to reply to a text on your phone and drafting an email on your iPad. The constant switching between devices can be frustrating, but when you can flick to your phone or computer at the push of a button, it makes your day a hell of a lot easier.

Connect all your devices to this one, universal keyboard and manage all your tasks from there. The three Bluetooth buttons at the top of the keyboard allow you to switch between your Mac, iPhone and iPad at the touch of a button.

The keyboard also has a few handy features which a regular Mac keyboard does not. The Kanex multi-sync keyboard has an iOS device home button for when you’re using your phone or iPad, as well as a search button. As the first full sized wireless keyboard for Macs, it also features a full numeric keypad which allows you to easily enter numbers, which is a pleasant throwback to old PC keyboards.

The keyboard is also accompanied by an iPhone/iPad stand, so you can view your collection of devices at a glance.

The keyboard does take some getting used to, however. From my personal experience, the keyboard is difficult to type with, as the keys are often sticky and touch typing is near on impossible. Whilst using a traditional Mac keyboard, the gentlest of presses was required to type, but on the Kanex keyboard you need to properly press the buttons in, again similar to the old, PC keyboards.

Only a small matter, but on a couple of occasions I had to revisit sentences I had written to fill in the gaps where I hadn’t actually pressed the keys on the keyboard.

The idea behind this keyboard is clever, but I’m not convinced there is a great need for it. After using the keyboard for a short while (to write the first part of this review) I decided to switch back to my beloved Mac keyboard, and put up with the hassle of having to physically pick my phone up to reply to a text.