Review: BT Elements 1K

Priding themselves on this being their toughest phone yet, the BT Elements 1k is the ideal phone for studio and workshop use, with waterproofing that is submersible in up to 1 meter of water, and fully dustproof in order to cope with even the smallest of particles.

This phone also comes with an attachable long range antenna which gives the phone a range of 1 kilometre. Therefore, this means that this product is ideal for use around an office space or when you’re on the move, highlighted by the fact that the phone comes equipped with a belt clip.

BT have also combatted the annoying modern day problem of unwanted calls by introducing a system which blocks any nuisance calls. A feature which will be greeted with open arms by any homeowner who is sick to death of nonsense PPI calls.

The only problem that this phone faces is that it is not an outstanding beauty. Clumpy and rigid, the BT Elements 1k would look out of place in most homes, although, the target audience seems to be for those of a more practical nature.

All in all, the BT Elements 1k is perfect for the working man, capable of coping with tough conditions. However, for the money you’re going to spend on this phone (roughly around £65) there are other, more stylish options available for your home.