Pushing the boundaries at every corner with SAP

“Over the past year we’ve seen an increase in demand from SAP’s customers for a new breed of SAP solutions to meet their ever changing businesses. Where clients typically have hired R3 functional or technical consultants to bolster their internal project teams we are now being requested to source candidates in Analytics, Mobile and Cloud. Specifically within this SAP HANA and Success factors experience.

Clients are looking to recruitment partners like ourselves to work internationally to source people with previous delivery experience  in these areas. As recruiters we have had to up skill ourselves and network internationally to attract top tier niche talent to the UK market.

As businesses clients have had to invest time in educating recruiters in the best way to sell their organisations and the future opportunities internally. When looking to secure candidates in these niche areas it is often a case of those who commit the most get the best return.” – Kim Pasteau, Marketing Manager, Lawrence Harvey.

SAP are doing everything they can to remain in the spotlight and keep their products as the first choice for businesses around the world. Enjoying comfortable growth, and not content to sit still, you can find SAP products in a range of industries to help businesses meet their goals, and they require specific skills by employees to work properly. It’s a fast-paced sector, and looking for new talent can be time consuming and distracting. So what is happening in the world of SAP right now?

Cloud services in the spotlight
Cloud services are increasing in popularity all the time, especially as resources and information can be shared quickly and easily between businesses, clients and internally between offices or sites within a company. Licenses for a product are usually restricted to a device, or a number of devices, to ensure the selling company get the best value. While a business can often get a better deal on this than individuals, it does still have limitations.

Encouraging customers to move to cloud services, SAP allows customers to re-allocate licenses from the cloud which can help a business get the best value from their purchases. This has been a while coming but it shows the company is moving forwards at all times.

This also allows for easier feedback on how the products work in any given business and industry, with one example being SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management). Through the various iterations, it has been harder for some industries to make the best use of the product and allow staff to use it to the maximum effect. With licences in cloud services, this allows for easier feedback to adapt and improve the product so every market can make the best use of it, and this has been happening with every version.

Flexibility is the key
This move shows how the company is changing and adapting to an ever changing environment, which is important for any business. With the market being so competitive, matching the needs and demands from product users and businesses is essential in keeping SAP as the first choice for businesses. SAP CRM is a great example of this flexibility, as nothing changes faster than the customer and consumer markets. A business must keep up with how their audience wants to interact and engage, and customer relationship management is a key part of any business, whether it is looking at social media engagement or aspects of a website that customers interact with.

Using SAP products, like SAP CRM, requires a varying set of skills, depending on the industry of the business and role. Being able to adapt to updates and new products is essential to keep solutions running at peak efficiency, and recruiting for these roles can be difficult. Specialist consultants should have experience and in-depth knowledge of the specialism they hire for, inspiring confidence in the business and candidates involved in filling the role. It’s not only the company, the product and the candidate that needs to be flexible and stay up to date, but the consultants as well.

Constantly in development
Reacting to changes is only part of the course for SAP as a company – they are constantly pushing forward and developing new products, updates and processes to make their range even more effective and popular. Integration with other products and business goals is a top concern, and this is shown in recent actions, such as adopting cloud services, and will be prominent in future releases.

Social Contact Intelligence analysis is powered by SAP HANA, and this opens up more options for businesses to receive more insights from social media channels and similar sources. The advantage of this is that it allows a business to read, and even influence, target audiences a lot better and with more specific directions. This will allow business to get an idea of what is being said on social channels about the business, with options to make changes and influences readers a certain way for the future, which opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for people and businesses using SAP products.