Judgment day in the world of advertising

How do you prepare for the end of the Cookie age?

“The big nightmare of advertisers could become their biggest blessing,” says Roi Sorezki, CEO of the personalization company twik.

Over the years, the use of cookies has become a powerful advertising tool for marketing companies and businesses that want to produce efficient and accurate marketing funnels. Not that it doesn’t have flaws, but the use of cookies provides significant insights.

All this is going to change very soon.

In recent years, the International General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is gaining momentum, and technology giants are beginning to fall into line: as early as 2020, Google announced its intention to stop providing support for third-party cookies in the Chrome browser, making it difficult for advertisers to perform “audience coloring” and post customized offers.

It was not long before Apple also announced a move to strengthen privacy protection: a move in which the company intends to require all applications to display a window to the user, in which they explicitly agree to the collection of information by the application. This is different from the prevailing situation, and if the user wanted to cancel this collection, he would have had to enter the app proactively and cancel the tracking. This change will probably cause many users to disable the collection of information, in a manner that will make it even more difficult for the advertising moves.

What will the world of advertising look like after the Cookie age?

Before we understand what will happen next, it is crucial to put our finger on the cookie method’s current disadvantages. First, in many cases, the level of accuracy of this method is not high. To illustrate, the reliability of reporting the number of unique users on the site (the Unique Visitors) is at most 70%, and in some cases reaches 20%. One of the reasons for this is that today, as required by the Privacy Protection Laws, as long as the surfer does not actively consent to the collection of information by clicking on the “OK” button, it is not possible to collect information about them.

This means that surfers who have already visited the site are identified as unique users which distorts the data and impairs the effectiveness of the marketing moves. Besides, the average survivability of cookies is relatively short-term, lasting up to six months.

Due to all these, the efficiency level of the cookies has decreased significantly.

The solution that has been working since 2017 – and is now gaining momentum

Due to the cookie method’s inherent disadvantages, a new technology for collecting information has emerged in recent years: The Fingerprint technology. “While this solution was previously only accessible to large companies, the expected end of the cookie method is pushing many advertisers in Israel and around the world to use Fingerprinting technology and enjoy its benefits,” says Roi Sorezki, CEO of the personalization company twik.

The use of Fingerprint provides accurate data on all users, even those who use incognito browsing, delete cookies, or use ad blockers. And all without the user having to proactively approve the collection of information, as required by the cookie method. Another advantage of Fingerprinting technology is its survivability, which is double that of cookies (up to a year).

“The use of the new technology with the help of twik’s personalization system, allows the advertiser to receive as much relevant and reliable information about the surfer, in order to present the most appropriate content for them. All this without infringing on the user’s privacy, following international privacy regulations.

In this way, the combination of twik’s website personalization solution and Fingerprinting technology significantly increases the level of accuracy compared to the cookie method and allows the advertiser to obtain different types of reliable data in order to optimize the advertising moves. ”

The stable and proven information collection solution – is available to advertisers for free

Twik’s Fingerprinting tools are the most stable commercial solution on the market, providing results for years in several leading businesses and organizations in Israel and around the world. And the good news is that any business of any size can now use this powerful tool – completely free. All that is needed is to implement a simple line of code on the website following the instructions twik’s website in order to connect it to Google Analytics and analyze the activities on the site more accurately and reliably than ever before.

Twik takes the use of Fingerprint one step further to personalize the website pages according to the surfer’s characteristics. With the help of artificial intelligence components, the system presents each surfer with the most relevant products and services for them, according to dozens of different characteristics. In this way, the system creates a proposal that leads to an increase in the conversion rate of leading websites by dozens of percentage points. “