James Caan & Symantec join forces to help businesses protect their assets

By providing small to medium sized businesses with insight into the new data risks and the potential consequences of not mitigating against these risks, entrepreneurs can implement the necessary level of precautions to safeguard their assets.
This six month educational programme aims to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to understand the risks they face and help them align the right level of resource to mitigate against these data risks.
Caan said, “At the heart of every successful entrepreneur is an ability to calculate risk and understand its impact. The longevity of their business relies on informed decisions. This education programme is designed to help small businesses understand how they can protect their information assets. Many businesses tend to underestimate the importance of securing company information.  The consequences of a leaked customer database or a confidential email can be very damaging to a company and potentially bring it to a halt.”
Ross Walker, director of small business for Symantec UK added, “There is a lot of potential for small businesses this year, with the £10bn promised from UK banks. We are driving this education programme to free up entrepreneurs to focus on driving their business forward, with the peace of mind that they understand the data risks and feel comfortable that they have the right precautions in place.”
If you want to see how your small business shapes up when it comes to meeting today’s information challenges then take a look at the free check-up tool from Symantec.