Google’s Project Glass could spark major new trend

The Google goggles use voice control to perform commands, and offer users e-mail and video chat features, as well as GPS directions via a panel screen in front of their eyes, supported by a sturdy tech-packed frame. The demo video released by Google reveals the glasses run on what appears to be a variation of its existing Android operating system.

QueryClick, a leading UK SEO agency welcomes the innovative new tool. “If Google pulls this off, their rivals at Apple will really have their work cut out for them. I see this becoming a major trend that could surpass past frenzy over the newest iPads and iPods,” comments managing director Christopher Liversidge. “There is definitely a niche in the market for mobile technology that doesn’t come in the form of a phone or a tablet. I see varied target audiences find appeal in Google goggles, from trend-following teenagers to businessmen whose busy schedules would benefit from a crafty device that lets them do so much on the go.”

The demo video shows New York through a whole new light. Starting with the user checking his diary for the day and weather report, it moves on to advise him a Google Maps-powered alternative route to the suspended subway line. Thanks to the integrated Latitude feature, he meets up with a friend and checks into his lunch stop. To end the impressive introductory film, he video chats with a friend overlooking the city’s skyline at twilight.

An official launch date for the device is yet to be announced. The goggles are being developed at the search giant’s top secret Google X lab, reportedly located in Mountain View, California where engineers are encouraged to produce innovative research and development projects. Perhaps the best known of these ideas is the rumoured elevator to space.

Critics have expressed concern over the glasses’ impact on human health. They worry that, if the receiver is built into the goggles and functions similarly to the microwave technology found in mobile phones, it could lead to brain tumours and other harm.