Find out what you’re #worth as you trade Tweets

Guided by Jim, an on-screen market trader, players are awarded badges for reaching key milestones as they level up to become virtual stock millionaires. Share prices on twiDAQ are affected by the volume of trading activity among players, as well as the number of mentions and retweets Twitter accounts receive.

Five stock exchanges based virtually in cities around the world operate within localised trading hours, making twiDAQ appealing to the global audience of Twitter users. New players are given 50 twiDAQ dollars to begin their portfolio, alongside a brief tutorial on where to start from a virtual market trader. Players can tweet their trading activity to followers, fostering strong competition with rival traders, as well as on message boards available on individual twiDAQ stock pages.

There are currently 450,000 Twitter accounts on the twiDAQ stock exchange with shares to be traded, and hundreds more are added every day. Like real-world stock exchanges, Twitter accounts are organised into a number of indices, including Media & Politics; Fame & Fortune; Sports; Web & Online; and Science & Technology, enabling the best and worst performing shares to be easily viewed and understood. The twiDAQ dashboard, the main screen when players log on to the game, gives at-a-glance information to players including the worth of their portfolios and remaining balance.

twiDAQ features:

  • Free-to-play fantasy stock exchange tracks popularity of Twitter accounts
  • Tweet trading activity to promote your portfolio to Twitter followers
  • Share price rises and falls according to Twitter account popularity
  • Level up and earn badges as rewards for successful trading activity
  • Earn clothing upgrades for on-screen virtual market trader
  • Multiple indices track the biggest names in sport, tech, media & celebrity and more
  • Five virtual stock exchanges around the world in London, Prague, New York, San Francisco & Sydney make twiDAQ a globally appealing game

“We are very proud and excited to officially launch twiDAQ following a successful period in beta testing,” said Jim Morrison, Founder of twiDAQ. “twiDAQ brings a new, free-to-play and engaging level of gamification to social media, providing players with the chance to ‘play the stock market’ and make virtual millions by buying a portfolio of celebrity, sports, and brand accounts from across the Twittersphere, as well as answer the million pound question – ‘What are you worth?’”