Facebook’s new tools enable you to order food, buy tickets and book appointments


Facebook has unravelled many new tools over the last year to enhance user experience such as live video and messenger calls.

The company is now been looking to reveal new tools that will optimise selling and interest for businesses, competing with big names like Amazon and popular platforms such as Slack.

Facebook is branching out of just their social media function with options such as ‘start order’, ‘book now’, ‘get quote’ or ‘buy tickets’ on small business pages to help drive traffic to businesses, whilst still using the Facebook app. Ordering a food delivery, booking a salon appointment or buying movie tickets will never be so easy, with only a few clicks needed to complete your request.

With more than 60 million active monthly users Facebook is looking at new ways to keep and engage with their audience.

One of the new features included in Facebook’s new additions is ‘Recommendations’ where you can enable your friends to comment on your post, recommending places around your area that they would advise you to visit.

Facebook hopes that partnerships with third parties will aid the support of the new features that have began to unroll today.