Corrupted or locked SD card? See how to recover your deleted files with Wondershare Recoverit

Anyone who has a computer to work or study has gone through the desperate process of having lost a file. And when you think of everything, do you save to an external device but discover that you have a corrupted or locked sd card? It is certainly not a very happy time.

These problems do not differentiate users from one operating system or another, or from a branded X or Y computer. That is why it is important to have a solution in hand and it is Wondershare  Recoverit.

In this text we will talk more about the functions of Recoverit and how to use it. Specifically for Mac users, this program is a hand in hand because the number of program options is much more limited compared to Windows, and the quality is not always good or the price is right. In the case of Recoverit, a corrupted or locked memory card, a missing file on the Mac, or that photo you can’t find will not be a headache or a burden in your pocket.

What are the features of Recoverit?

There are several programs that promise to recover data and files, but most of them are unable to actually recover or otherwise do not show everything that has been deleted. Wondershare Recoverit is the best software with this function because it not only manages to bring files back, it also repairs corrupted videos, restoring their parts as if it were a puzzle.

The program detects and recovers more than 1000 types and formats of files. With this it is possible to redeem:

– Photos

– Videos

– News

– Emails

– Office files

A common problem to happen is to delete a file on the computer, but to be able to rescue it in the recycle bin. But what about when the trash was accidentally deleted? Or, what if there is a corrupted or locked SD card that has several important files? Can you recover deleted photos?

If the file has been deleted from your Mac’s recycle bin, the problem is simple to solve: the program will scan your computer and recover that file.

The big problem with such a card is that if it gets corrupted, either due to a malfunction, a virus attack or an installation error, or you accidentally erase it from your memory (there is no recycle bin), recovering a memory card is a real challenge. Sometimes the situation is more annoying, the SD card is locked so you can’t access the files on it.

That’s why many people are eating ball when they don’t have a program like Recoverit. The program is able to recover photos, videos and several different files that were on SD / SDHC / SDXC cards or SD card devices, such as cell phones with the Android operating system, audio recorders, cameras and other devices. On this page you can see in detail a step by step how to recover this important data. Below we will also give some tips.

How to use Wondershare Recoverit?

Programs with a lot of functionality and importance can be quite boring to use. This is not the case with Recoverit, which simplifies the steps. For example, installation can be done after downloading the file directly from the website, with just one click. From there the process is quick, selecting your preferences.

With the program installed it is possible to recover or unlock SD card, take files that were accidentally thrown out of the trash, access corrupted data and much more. To do this, you need to open Recoverit, select the location where the file was located – it could be the recycle bin, part of the hard drive, the external device, be it a corrupted card, a thumb drive, an external hard drive, etc. – and start the process.

In the case of a corrupted SD card, it will do. It is an external device, so just place it in the designated location on your computer and scan. Soon the files that have been deleted will be displayed.