Android: How your business can benefit

Specialist digital recruiter, Salt, takes a close look at the figures surrounding the Android market, break down what an Android Developer actually does and explain how businesses can capitalise on the potential of this evolving market.

Market Share
It’s been predicted that by 2014 half of the PCs shipped worldwide will be tablets, rather than the more traditional desktop or laptop. When you consider that approximately 65 per cent of tablet sales at this point will be running Android operating systems and combine this with the figures emerging from the third quarter of 2013, where 81 per cent of the world smartphone market utilise an Android OS, it’s clear that there is a huge, global market waiting to be targeted.

What does an Android Developer do?
In brief, they can bring your business to the fingertips of your audience. They make applications, commonly referred to as apps, for use on the most widely used smartphone platform. The apps vary greatly and can come in the form of a game, a media player, a branded store, an e-book, map software or an image editor, to name a few.

The objective of an app is often to increase functionality, making it easy for a customer to browse and buy your goods or providing a valuable service that their phone simply wouldn’t be the same without, whether GPS enhanced road navigation or the latest craze in mobile gaming. Far from being robotic and calculative this role requires a creative streak and a keen eye for detail.

What does this mean for businesses?
While iOS is still the leader in terms of average developer revenue per month, at approx. £3,100, Android is in close second on around £2,900 and closing in. The misconception of the Android market as unprofitable is fading, as further steps are implemented in order to improve the software, reduce fragmentation and provide developers with options such as translation services. If you ignore the Android platform, you are ignoring not only your audience but potential leads, sales or clients. A well designed app, whatever the content, can be a catalyst in securing your business as a market leader in the digital world.

A common question businesses ask is “what can an app do when we already have a site?” Far from being an alternate option a great app compliments your website, by linking through to it and promoting your brand. Whether it is a store app, an interactive media or the goal should be to improve user experience and reap the rewards that follow. Whether your ambition is to drive revenue, through paid apps or advertising, or to spread brand awareness, there are few more exciting ways to approach this than finding yourself in the pocket of your target audience, just one touch away.