A Closer Look at The Mini iPad

To Go
One of the best features of the mini iPad is how easy it is to take with you as you go. Whether you are embarking on a train ride or just sitting outside in your backyard, you can enjoy all of the luxury that this little device has to provide almost anywhere. The screen is actually smaller than eight inches, so you can tote it all over the place with you. However, since it is larger than a phone, you are still able to get those crisp images you expect from an iPad.

The Weight
If you’re looking to size down, you’re likely interested in the weight of the product. After all, you need to know if it’s going to bog you down amidst a load of heavy books for school or supplies for work. Fortunately, this little baby is really perfect for those in need of something light. The mini iPad actually weighs just .68 pounds! That’s an incredibly low number for a device that contains so many applications and so much fun.

The Applications
You probably want to know more about the apps. Well, a lot of them are going to be similar to some of the apps you already have on your other devices. As you are hanging out in the backyard one day, you could use FaceTime to connect with family members who live all of the way across the country. Of course, you will be able to surf the web, check out your email and send messages to people on Facebook and all of your other favorite social media sites. The best thing about it though is the iPad-specific apps that aren’t available for iPhones or iPods. Also – don’t forget that so many apps work better on this device than others. If you’re a fan of DrawSomething, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to draw masterpieces compared to the screen of your handheld devices.

The Lifetime

Another question that quite a number of people have is about how long the mini iPad lasts before needing a charge. After all, people want to be able to spend hours in their backyard or take the iPad to the library without worrying that it is going to run out of battery. You’ll probably be quite surprised at how long this piece of technology is able to go. The battery life is an astounding 10 hours. Therefore, no matter where you have to go or how far away from home you are straying, you’ll always be able to use it for your needs. Clearly, the mini iPad is useful for people who are away from their houses for extended periods of time on a daily basis.

Clearly, just looking at the mini iPad will make you realize some of its benefits, because it is so sleek and chic. However, you really need to take a closer look to understand the many positive ways that this gadget can positively impact your life and enhance your understanding of technology.

Donna Gunnar writes about Apple technology. Her recent work is about the Top 10 iPhone Apps for Teachers