5 Ways To Use Free SIP Calls In Business

Companies that use free calls with SIP state that it’s possible to save up to 60 per cent compared to ISDN communications. It’s important to know that cost efficiency is not the only benefit SIP trunking services provide.  Here are five ways SIP solutions can help in business.

1. Updating your current telephony solutions
State-of-the-art SIP trunking services bring advanced functionality to your conventional PBX solutions. These include automated call transfer between several locations, greater flexibility for users, improved voicemail and call centre functionality. Free SIP calls are also great options for mobile and home-working specialists.

2. The global reach
With free SIP calls, the boundaries of free telephony are not just limited to a company’s offices. Skype for SIP solutions allow businesses to make calls to landlines and mobile phones throughout the world. By getting Skype online numbers, it’s possible to receive mobile and landline calls to corporate PBXs.

3. Business rationalisation
Business SIP trunking services deliver new site rationalisation options, especially useful for multi-site businesses. You can reduce the number of PBXs without losing the numbers associated with your company. It’s easy to combine several offices into a single location, or even support distant employees.

4. Extending the range of services
Once you have an effective business SIP based communication system working seamlessly, it’s imperative to analyse employee occupancy. Free SIP calls and advanced SIP functionality allow attending a greater number of calls, which boosts productivity. It’s a great opportunity to extend the range of services your company offers.

5.  Seasonal requirements
If your business has seasonal voice capacity requirements, SIP trunking services are the answer to the question how to add more lines quickly, without long-term commitments. Reputable SIP providers deliver highly flexible systems able to manage significant seasonal growth in traffic. It becomes much easier to handle seasonal sales campaigns, for example.

High quality business communications go a long way. SIP trunking is a must for modern organisations looking to increase productivity and revenue without spending much on communications.

Paul Jones

Editor of Business Matters, the UKs largest business magazine


Editor of Business Matters, the UKs largest business magazine