Make ‘your’ voices heard

We need to make subjects like maths and science more appealing to our young people and we need to invest in forging a greater degree of interaction between centres of learning and centres of work so to prepare our students for the trials and tribulations of the working world.
The next obvious area requiring further commitment from government is in developing successful public-private partnerships. Businesses are integral to their communities and have a wealth of expertise at their disposal should public entities be more willing to tap into this resource. Properly formed local strategic partnerships can regenerate areas, allowing for even greater returns on the initial investments, and most importantly, to the benefit of all.
Finally, there must be more done to ease the congestion problems on Britain’s transport network. Recent research conducted by the BCC, found that the cost of congestion had now reached a staggering 17 billion per annum. Sir Rod Eddington’s own studies also found that congestion is set to cost an extra 22 billion in wasted time in England alone by 2025. This is not sustainable economically or environmentally.
There are numerous other contemporary business issues that we could try and impress on politicians, such as; granting a business vote before steam-rolling through supplementary business rates, ensuring greater equality of pay in the work place between men and women, and guaranteeing that the vast amount of regulatory burdens impacting on businesses nationwide are reduced.
The party conferences have a role, and I very much hope that some of the concerns of business are voiced and lessons are learnt so that we can move forward, towards a flourishing Britain.