Top New Years resolutions for business success.

Business resolutions for 2016

Not only does it reflect on your businesses progress, but it will also allow you to set new goals, making your business even better in the New Year ahead.

The New Year is a time for businesses to consider their path going forward. A New Years resolution will allow you to develop your business and increase your annual success with set targets in place to aim for. You will also be acknowledged for the amount of enthusiasm you put into sticking to goals set by yourself and your business team, as it is a great achievement once they are completed. You could even consider offering rewards per quarter if the business target is met which will give your employees the drive and motivation to work with you to help the business succeed.

Here are five New Year’s resolution ideas that will make your business thrive.

Promote your business

Promoting your business regularly and consistently should be at the top of the list of things you would like to achieve in the New Year if you are not already doing so. Especially if you are a small business, the attraction of new customers will increasingly make your company expand.

Social networking is a great platform to do this. It’s free, easy and currently has the estimate of around 2.13 billion active social media users for 2016. You could also make a resolution of hiring a marketing expert, simply to promote your business.


Make a realistic action plan. Having a business plan, even creating a weekly or monthly plan will help guide you to get jobs done. You will be able to take a look at what’s been working and what hasn’t worked to help you set new directions. You will also be able to adjust plans to different ways that you think will work second time round. Remember that there’s a reason why you wrote it down a particular plan or target in the first place therefore if it doesn’t work the first time, try again until you succeed.

Remember to sit down and take time to think up an effective plan. It will help you avoid costly mistakes, allowing you to feel more focused and relaxed throughout the year.

Learn something new

Learning new things is always a popular New Years resolution, but not normally for business strategies. When it comes to learning something new to do with your business, it can add specific skill sets that will benefit not only how you progress, but also how your business progresses. It will also play an important factor in helping you achieve a healthy work balance.

Learning something new could also bring you in more customers. Depending on how you learn, you may end up meeting new people that could result in future clients, employees or partners. In order to learn something new, remember to delegate time in your business plan to do so.

Depending on the type of business you own, it could also be beneficial to pay for your employees to attend courses to improve skills and learn new skills that will help improve their work and in return the business will be thankful.

Set goals

Goal setting in the long run can work wonders for your business. If you aim to set out and complete realistic goals, then your business will increasingly develop over time. Make sure that you don’t aim to high and attempt to reach goals that will not be completed, as it will be left frustrated and disappointed.

Once you have made a business plan, it will be easier to determine what goals you can set and most likely achieve. The plan will show what you have dedicated time to and what may require more attention.

Set mini goals for each month and quarterly goals that can be more of a target. Your annual goal should be something that you can keep in the back of your mind throughout the year as your key target to aim for.

Get rid of what’s not working for you

Unfortunately, not everything you do will be a success the first time you try. For example, when it comes to selling, not every sales method is going to work for everyone. It is important to drop the things that aren’t working and try something new. Another example could be that if a particular product or piece of equipment isn’t working for you, think of alternative ways for using it or just completely stop and start again. Try not to invest a lot of your time and energy into trying to make the unworkable work.

In order to have business success, ensure that you apply these resolutions for your business in the New Year. Setting your business goals and devising up a plan, guarantees the success that you are looking for. All it takes is the time and commitment. So give it a go this year, I can assure you that it will make a huge difference!

Happy New Year!

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