Question Everything, because quite often – the Emperor has no clothes.

If you are in a room of your peers (whatever the context) and you are confused or not understanding something that the speaker/presenter/teacher etc has said – you can bet that there are several other people feeling the same – there always are. Why would you be the only one in the room not getting it? Well you’re not the only one.
How many times were you in a classroom, when another kid was brave enough to ask a question, and you heaved a huge sigh of relief because you’d been sitting there confused – but not daring to ask? Loads of other kids also heaved a sigh.
We are all the same people now, in a different room, but the same thing happens. Instead of being afraid of other kids making fun of us we’re afraid that others will think – “what a thickie – how could s/he not know that?”
It doesn’t happen.
There are far too many people in corporate land spouting nonsense. Question them. Ask why. Why this decision, why this time frame, why this course of action? etc etc. Point out when you disagree, theydon’t have all the required info, what they are saying won’t work. Whatever it is.
Anyone worth their salt will not mind being questioned. Anyone that does mind – probably can’t back up their statement. Which gives all the more reason to question them.
If you are brave enough to say it (I’m not missing this opportunity to use the Emperor’s New Clothes analogy) and point out that the Emperor is in his undies, there will suddenly be other voices agreeing with you. Sometimes they even add to your point. Just because no-one is audibly disagreeing, doesn’t mean that no-one is disagreeing!
It’s your responsibility to question the nonsense to stop it being perpetuated.