Prince William should become official business & entrepreneurship ambassador for Britain

“Over one billion people worldwide saw Prince William’s wedding. His visibility is immense. He embodies all the brand values that ‘Made in Britain’ products can tap into and take advantage of when selling abroad”.
“Quality, Regality fused with Youthful energetic vigour”.
British exporters can’t compete on price with Child Labour camps abroad making everything cheaper and cheaper, but they shouldn’t have to.
Britain is seen as a mark of quality.
Entrepreneurs can tap into that. But it needs to be communicated effectively. And government campaigns such GREAT Campaign from the British Council just don’t cut it. It needs a face.
Prince William should become Britain’s Entrepreneur-in-Chief.
With Prince William at the helm of Britain’s enterprise push abroad, considerably more export doors will open for British entrepreneurs.
There is a ready-made market there for British products, that only Prince William can assist start-up businesses tap into”.
“He has enormous credibility and brand recognition”.
“The Asian obsession with the British Royal Family will allow numerous start-ups to quickly find a market in foreign territories if endorsed by the Duke of Cambridge”.
“As a nation Britain has to start believing what others see it to be”.
“A nation of winners”
“Murray winning Wimbledon has helped restore confidence and pride”.
“Cameron was right with his speech defending this small island in terms of its influence across the world.
“But it will be Prince William that will make the job of selling it to the world on behalf of British exporters so much simpler and easier”