Do you use your work time wisely?

Years ago I remember reading Arthur Hailey’s book “Wheels”. This was a fictional tome that covered the car industry, and followed on from novels about the airline and hotel sectors. As a boy reading the book on the car industry, the thing that struck me most forcefully was how the executive, Adam Trenton, found he always had more things to do than time to do them. This particularly made an impact because it was out of my experience. Now, years later, it’s my daily problem.

The Apprentice: The Final

To be in the final is really exciting, especially waiting for the former candidates to come back. When they arrive and you stand their picking your team, it’s almost like being back at school! For me, Chris picked a really strong team. He had both Jamie and Liz who were two of my top picks from the beginning. However, as good as Chris and his team were, it was Stella’s night.