New ‘Funding for Lending’ cash must target exporters

“The only way for the UK economy to grow is to sell more abroad and bring in new cash,” said Mr Chase.

“Funding for Lending was introduced last August but has had no effect on lending to SME’s. It’s a ‘Catch 22’ situation; the banks won’t lend until the situation improves and the situation will not improve until growing businesses can borrow money at sensible rates,” he said.

Mr Osborne will be announcing extensions to FLS this month in an effort to appease the International Monetary Fund (IMF) who will be visiting in May.

The IMF are expected to ask the Chancellor to reduce his austerity measures and increase Government spending in order to create financial growth in the UK which is expecting to receive stagnant growth figures on Thursday for the first three months of 2013.

“The Archbishop of Canterbury was right when he said that ‘something very, very major’ was required to get the UK out of its economic ‘depression’ and that something has to be a reliable lending stream for the exporters who will be instrumental in our recovery,” said Mr Chase.

“We’re very, very cool right now. In Britain, we just don’t see the power in our brands that others see around the World. Our brand identity, as it’s long been, is assertive, regal, progressive and world dominating,” he said.

“It’s all about quality and markets such as Hong, USA have a real fondness for all things British.”

The Chase distillery has recognised the importance of exports since it produced its first bottle of international award winning bottle of vodka in 2008.

Earlier this year William’s Great British Extra Dry Gin was launched onto the world market.

“Our first challenge as distillers was to create the world’s best vodka – Chase Vodka. And now we have used that as the base for the world’s finest dry gin,” said William Chase.

“By increasing exports the UK will create more employment at home and promote British products around the globe,” said Mr Chase. “It’s all about quality of product; the world is ready to buy quality British products.”