London entrepreneurs strip off for charity

Organiser Milo Yiannopoulos said that what started off as a joke with a friend on twitter, which he took a little too seriously, soon mushroomed into him becoming oversubscribed  for the 24 places needed to make up the calendar.Proceeds from the calendar go to Take Heart India, a charity which funds IT and business training for disabled people in India.

Yiannopoulos said: “Someone suggested the idea as a joke, and I just thought why not. There is a perception that the people who run these internet startups are unattractive geeks, and I wanted to show that’s not the case. We are hoping to sell over 5,000, and are also working on an iPhone app.

”It’s about getting together entrepreneurs to raise money for an entrepreneurial charity.
“The charity doesn’t just dish out money in India – it educates and trains people to support their work skills.

“It was easy to persuade my friends to take part in the calendar as it’s raising money for such a good charity that promotes business skills.”

To buy a copy of the calendar go to:

(Main picture: Elizabeth Varley is the queen of London TWestival, TechHub and Bike Shed – Photograph: Paul Clarke)
Sophie Cox co-founded Worldeka a collaborative platform
harnessing social media for social good
(Photograph: Paul Clarke)
The Huddle boys getting cheeky.
The team behind the online collaboration tool that some say is “the next Google”
(Photograph: Neil Raja)
Andrew Scott is founder of (which makes it easy to
find people and places nearby) sits on the board of
and is co-founder of MLove
Photograph: Neil Raja)
Sam Mathews Founded the worlds number one professional video gaming
team, FNATIC &
gaming social network, and now also runs a web
design studio
based in Mayfair called NeverBland.

(Photograph: Giulio Marcello)

Gabrielle Laine-Peters puts the fizz into FiZog,
her new business
helping people get to a firm grip on Social Media

(Photograph: Paul Clarke)

Oliver Marding is the man behind, which connects creative people
and businesses and gives them a place to trade their work and skills online

(Photograph: Paul Clarke)