How technology drives ambition within a business

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Ambition within a business is vital in creating a positive and productive work environment. It is a powerful attribute that drives organisations to set goals and focus on accomplishing them.

Not only this, but it can also be the difference between a business failing or succeeding. In order for companies to realise their desired ambitions, technology plays a fundamental role in driving change, digital transformation and allowing ambitions to come to fruition.

Andrew Pritchard, Managing Director at Datel explains that in today’s evolving market, businesses are unable to survive without embracing digital transformation and investing in systems to encourage their employees to be productive. These tools can help manage day to day tasks and assist in the efficiency and smooth running of organisations.

The amount we rely on technology has increased significantly in a very short space of time, with digital software influencing the way companies communicate and operate to achieve their goals. With the development of technology continuing to grow, this will only allow for the levels of ambition in the workplace to further increase, benefitting both businesses and their clients.

This article will look at key technology trends companies can adopt to drive ambition values, internally and externally, and reach their desired goals.

Artificial Intelligence

One technology advancement that many businesses are starting to adopt to achieve their ambitions is Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is revolutionising industries, with 84% of people saying that it will help them to achieve a competitive advantage and significantly impact the way they operate. Implementing AI for simple and repetitive tasks will allow employees to focus their time and effort on more complex tasks, which are becoming increasingly more important.

The technology can help increase productivity, gaining a higher level of fulfillment and rising efficiency levels. Those who aren’t adopting AI will come across a number of challenges, such as a lack of streamlined processes and the exhaustion of human resources.

Additionally, it’s all well and good that companies are using AI however, if they aren’t measuring and tracking its progress, these organisations will not able to fully realise whether  its increasing productivity or efficiency, and therefore reaching it’s ultimate potential.

Machine Learning

Like AI, Machine Learning also helps drive ambition within a business. There have been some early adopters of this method, including IKEA who has slowly introduced robots into its organisation to build simple furniture. This technological advancement can improve operational efficiency as well as precision. Tasks that employees are able to teach these machines can again save on both time and costs, allowing the task to be completed in a so called ‘smarter’ way. Due to its significant potential we are likely to see more companies utilising machine learning in 2019 to reach their ambitions in the years to come.


An increased number of businesses are implementing blockchain and it is having a big impact on ambitions and their drive for change. Blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed, but not edited or changed.

Through the application of blockchain, companies are able to feel more confident when distributing information as it is a secure process, saving money and increasing efficiency. Organisations are able to adopt this tool and reap the benefits, allowing them to confidently embrace their ambitions.

Internal and External Factors

As well as advanced technology implementations, internal factors like productivity can also contribute to driving ambition within a business. In order for organisations to drive more productivity amongst its employees, technologies like messaging platform Slack and project management tool Trello, can be enabled to encourage collaboration between remote staff and streamline their workflow.

Technology can also help employees realise their career aspirations and can even assist individuals in climbing the career ladder. Recent research from The Workplace Research Foundation, found that employees who are highly engaged and happy in their role, are more likely to be productive. Companies need to acknowledge technology solutions and techniques that can be implemented to engage their employees.

Like productivity, motivation also helps businesses to realise their ambitions. There are some simple solutions like Glasscubes that can be applied to help levels of motivation, such as encouraging collaboration. Incentives and rewards programmes are another way that organisations can motivate staff. Creating fun and unique ways for employees to share ideas can increase enthusiasm, aiding to the increasement of ambition. This could be as simple as sharing documents through more streamlined programmes like Google Drive.

As well as ambition affecting internal factors, it can also influence external achievements. Employees that are ambitious within the workplace are more likely to be ambitious outside of work. These people are usually keen to learn new skills outside of their job role and can hugely benefit them in a number of scenarios, turning desired goals into a reality.

This is an exciting time for businesses and a time to fully take advantage of the emerging technologies. With technology advances showing no signs of slowing down, we will be sure to see it benefitting both businesses and the clients.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain are just a few technologies that are impacting businesses. It will be interesting to see how levels of ambition grow through the implementation of technology solutions, assisting in driving businesses forward and helping achieve competitive advantage.