Have smartphones replaced laptops?

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When laptops were first invented, people saw them as a thing that would replace desktop computers.

Of course, this did happen domestically although many people still use desktop computers for their offices and other gaming needs.

Since then, we have seen the rise of smartphones and just how attached the general public is to them. For this reason, we raise the question – have smartphones replaced laptops? Keep reading to find out what we think in this article below.

Social Media

Social media has come a long way over the years and now we are faced with some of the most popular channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter taking up space on our smartphones. While, in the past, people would update these channels on their laptops, they now are primarily accessed via smartphones. Some sites like Instagram for example, don’t even let you upload if you aren’t on the app!


There are many different forms of gaming that you can enjoy from gaming consoles to PC games and mobile games – but which is most popular? Many people still play games on their laptops, but new mobile games have definitely shown that smartphones have a strong presence. Online casino games are now available on mobile devices meaning that players can open their smartphone and play Vikings Go Berzerk and other slot games. This suggests that smartphones may be taking over when it comes to gaming.

Creating Documents

One of the places that it doesn’t seem that smartphones are overtaking laptops is in creating documents. Many people prefer to type out a document with a full-sized keyboard and a large monitor. This is the case in offices and for those who are running their own businesses. While there are some services for creating documents on smartphones, it is not quite there in terms of technology.


Another area to look at when comparing the popularity of smartphones and laptops is shopping. While some people prefer to see items for sale on a larger screen, others do all of their shopping on their smartphones. With apps like Instagram and Facebook now offering shopping features, this is set to become the norm in the future.

General Internet Browsing

Finally, you could say that smartphones are used a lot more for general internet browsing. It is so easy to pick up your mobile phone and perform a quick Google search to find out some information. People can even use voice search to get the job completed quickly and this is why many people don’t want to waste the time turning on their laptops.

Final Verdict

As you can see, smartphones are definitely the most popular choice for many different kinds of tasks. While office workers tend to use laptops or desktop computers, smartphones can be used for pretty much anything else. With technology constantly evolving – who knows what smartphones could be capable in the future. Keep an eye on this technology and how it starts to replace other products that we have been using for years.