EU – ‘If we are not at the table we are on the menu

Understandably global investors are shy of Europe again thanks to events that have occurred in Greece and Cyprus, and it is clear that the EU has to get its house in order or break the house up. The UK needs to get back to a trade agreement only with Eurozone. The regulatory framework that the UK and EU are under is dampening our long term competitiveness, the UK needs to escape these shackles. Yes, the regulation defines the integrity of the region but they have gone far too far?

Eurozone is still a ticking bomb that UK cannot afford to be caught up in. If the Eurozone does unwind in a disorderly fashion, the UK will pick up a lot of cost of failure through debt write downs. I believe that we need to encourage an orderly division of the Eurozone or total dismantling.

But…we need to be at the EU table to wield any influence. Leaving the EU totally would merely remove our influence in all EU affairs – especially trade and regulation. So we need to be a part of the EU but with a stripped down membership – ideally of a simplified and cheaper one to run EU.

If we are not at the table then we will be on the menu….we should stay at the table but with new cutlery.”