Dragons’ Den: Low pitch to high pitch

Dragons' Den

Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee, but the alteration of a more ‘holey’ lid firmed onto my coffee cup will not change my ‘experience’ of drinking one. Tom and Craig’s ‘FoamAroma’ coffee lid is designed to enhance your coffee drinking ‘experience’ – which fundamentally means, it allows you to smell the coffee more whilst you drink it. I’m not going to lie, initially I was intrigued from their introduction. From showing great research into the industry, whilst hinting at a potentially successful product to finally present the invention – a regular coffee cup with more holes in – really?

It became laughable when Craig, the inventor, claimed the cup would cause less tension on your jaw with the use of this lid. I’m sorry, maybe it’s only me who has never heard of a strained jaw caused from drinking from a regular lid that thousands do so every day? In my opinion, they should wake up and smell the coffee themselves and the lacking potential that this invention has.

Next seeking the Dragons to sing their praises were sisters, Claire and Tina, with their children’s singing groups ‘Little Belters’. They claim to boost confidence and improve the vocal techniques of 5 – 11 year olds with their fun group classes, which we got to witness the Dragons trial.

One thing I did learn is that Peter Jones’ vocals are definitely not as strong as his business acumen.

The sisters struck the wrong note when the mention of figures made them fluster, consequently draining the upbeat atmosphere. I couldn’t help but feel for the pair when the Dragons were practically spoon-feeding them the maths and they still failed to calculate a number. Claire and Tina leave empty handed.

David caught my attention with his ‘Daio’ silicon sleeve that helps to maintain child safety within the home, preventing the harmful effects of hot styling tools left unattended. His impressive featuring on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ wasn’t enough to hide the burns of his current debts. I didn’t really see how David could enter the den, having no idea that the Dragons may find this of a concern. Although the idea of the invention was admirable and relevant, the extremity of the current amount of investment and debt stacked up already, rang alarm bells for the Dragons, who chose not to invest.

Finally – a pitch worth waiting for.

I wasn’t the only one going nuts for ‘Cocofina’. Jacob and Manisha entered the den in hope for a £75,000 investment which didn’t seem a struggle to earn as the products simply sold themselves. If you love coconut, you will also love ‘Cocofina’s wide range of coconut-based food and drink products. From oil to bars, water to chips and vinegar to milk – it has something to offer for everyone! I loved the concept of this business and can easily state that every item in the range, I would buy!

Jacob’s quick and prepared answers to all of the Dragons’ questions, very much appealed to all five Dragons, who got the green stuff out for an offer of investment. As the Dragons began to compete, the contacts each one was offering was their best chance to get one above the other. Even though all five Dragons made an offer, Nick’s ‘2 for the price of 1’ deal with Sarah appealed most to Jacob, who accepted their joint offer.