Businesses can learn a lot from Millenials

Millenials have in the past been criticised for being either lazy employees, or too demanding and not being work savvy. Britannic Technologies strongly dispute this theory and advocate that more businesses in the UK need to be aware that they can learn from the next generation, on how to improve productivity and communications.

Jonathan Sharp, Sales and Marketing Director, Britannic Technologies comments, “ The Millenials have grown up with technology and using social media, instant messaging, video and conference calls are all part of their DNA. As well as face to face and telephony, these vehicles of communications are a natural extension of their communications and in-fact a natural behaviour for them.

For the older generations we are aware of these technologies and many of us use them in our private lives but not necessarily in our work lives. The Millenials are coming into the workforce asking companies why aren’t they using these types of technologies, and are flummoxed when they realise how behind they are.

We have noticed that many companies are now realising that in order to stay ahead of the competition and keep up with their customers, they too have to change their working practices, and step up to the mark.

Customers are now aware that by using these technologies they will improve customer service, increase productivity and efficiencies. Of course often it requires a complete change in culture and behaviour but the Millenials can advise and champion the projects. It is a turning of the tables that businesses are learning from them, and strange for the Millenials that we need to be taught these methods, and how it will benefit us.”

Britannic Technologies wholly support the ‘next generation’ of employees and welcomed three new graduates on-board its ‘graduate recruitment programme’ this month. They are also currently working with schools in Surrey offering internships and work experience.

Tom Williams, Account Manager, Britannic Technologies joined the Graduate Programme last year.

“I joined the programme last year as an Account Manager for Britannic and as it is in the ICT industry I was excited to be in such a fast moving environment. However, I found it rather ironic that many customers I was talking to weren’t using video, instant messaging, and collaboration technologies, as they should be. This type of communications was part of my daily life and I was surprised that it hasn’t filtrated yet into a lot of businesses. A year down the line I have seen traction in the take up of these technologies and feel privileged that I can advise and help companies discover the benefits that technology can bring. I have learnt so much and look forward to propelling my career in sales.”

Businesses need to take time to listen to the Millenials on what they require to do their job more effectively and in turn it will increase their profits and improve their customer service.