Brexit drives demand for proper training for logistics professionals


The majority of logistics professionals aren’t offered opportunities for training and development within their current organisation, despite the fact that Brexit is driving fresh demand for specialist skills.

That is according to research from specialist recruitment consultancy, WR Logistics

The survey of 8,784 employees including freight forwarders, transport planners and customs coordinators, found that only one in three respondents believe there are opportunities to learn and grow with their current employer. In addition, just 41% say they receive sufficient training to do a good job.

Despite these gripes, 81% of those polled said they are proud to work in the industry, with 87% agreeing that work is an important part of their life.

The findings come at a time when demand for customs experts is booming as businesses seek to ensure compliance post-Brexit.

Commenting on the findings, Lewis Richards, Director of WR Logistics, said: “The employers we work with are currently crying out for professionals with a well-rounded knowledge of customs tariffs and systems, with some looking to mitigate against potential risk post-Brexit, and others taking advantage of widespread uncertainty to grow their businesses. Meanwhile, the existing workforce is demonstrating a distinct appetite for training opportunities and professional advancement.

“Our research suggests there is a clear opportunity here for transport and logistics companies to upskill existing employees to meet future business needs. While a proven track record with customs and compliance is top of the wish list for many businesses in the sector, the most strategic companies are sharing knowledge and developing skills internally. In doing so, they are not only helping to bridge talent gaps, but also ensuring that loyal employees are offered the chance to excel professionally.”