The blockchain blockbuster: unlock the benefits for your business


With over 145 million transactions and a staggering 5 million blockchain wallets created in the last year, it is only a matter of time before the technology conquers the business world.

Crucially, in a society governed by an eroding endemic of social cynicism and economic trauma, both consumers and businesses alike seek transparency in their respective transactions. It is thus unsurprising that blockchain technology, an opportunity for businesses to operate in a secure environment, remains firmly in the spotlight, offering businesses the chance to regain control of their identity and the middleman fees that are so intrinsic to day-to-day business.

Set to reach full maturity over the next decade, the digital paradigm embeds a decentralised, distributed network as its backbone, a public ledger shared by the participants of a cryptocurrency, such as the renowned bitcoin, which allows data to be stored, facts to be verified and security to be virtually guaranteed.

So how can I unlock the benefits of blockchain for my business you ask? In short, by utilising cryptocurrencies that are not regulated by banks and instead underpinned by a blockchain composed of unforgeable digital signatures, businesses may omit the protectionist policies of the middleman, thereby promoting transparency and reducing the likelihood of fraud.

Moreover, from preserving the technology’s financial core to fashioning a digital history of both businesses and products alike, a blockchain can be used to document virtually anything. However, whilst the technology is undoubtedly the future of financial transactions, the eyes of businesses must be opened to the technology’s extensive untapped potential. Aside from lowering operating costs, blockchain technology may provide a podium for innovation. Indeed, such is a highly valuable notion for those seeking to optimise the business process, particularly start-up models in this new era of entrepreneurs, a notion I have already capitalised on with my latest business- The New Rich List, an accelerator and funding programme for new businesses and a hugely profitable investment prospect for investors

However, there are a number of myths and perceptions of complexities around blockchain which may have evolved from a lack of fintech education. The recent hacking and subsequent theft of £49 million worth of bitcoins, which invoked a halt to all trading, undoubtedly damaged the reputation of blockchain technology.

Indeed, whilst blockchains are not yet the silver bullet for business security, realising an effective balance between practicality and the digital paradigm’s central tenet, security, is ultimately where the future lies. Arguably comparable to the rise of the internet, in order to unlock the copious benefits of the blockchain, businesses must take the initiative to embrace the technology, for this decentralized solution is only the beginning.

Recent adaptations of the technology include the strategic move of mass media giant Thomas Reuters, who recently joined the R3 blockchain consortium as a means of implementing the technology across their global business thread, coupled with their subsequent investment in start-up company Fluent, a blockchain-based financial operating network.

Equally, alongside the UK government, the likes of UNICEF are seeking to develop the technology for humanitarian innovation. Clearly what this shows is that the potential of the digital paradigm is both varied and profound.

However, in this day and age, it is all about finding an idea that disrupts the status quo, a compelling value proposition that attracts public money and adds fundamental value to people’s lives. Think Kick Starter, Uber and AirBnB.

With the technology in its infancy, it would appear that effective and, ultimately, accessible applications of blockchain technology are few and far between, arguably due to the patent lack of education.

With The New Rich List, we have patented our own blockchain technology NAKED dollars to lay the foundations of the business’ loyalty programme and offer transparency and security to consumers. Moreover, this unique technology enables us to track customer spending habits, from their exact spend down to their exact usage of every product in our portfolio, subsequently generating loyal consumers, an invaluable asset for any business.

Indeed, the success of business lies in the strength of the value proposition to the customer, how it can help them and how it can keep rewarding them. It is the most successful companies in the world that execute this and, in this instance, blockchain technology lies at the core.

The blockchain revolution is truly a once in a generation opportunity for businesses around the world, an opportunity to create a trust machine that may advance business performance and concurrently attract a wealth of consumers seeking transparency and transaction ease. In this age of realignment, I believe it is merely a matter of time before the world adopts this game-changing technology and I urge businesses to jump at it.

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