The Dragon’s say no, but Marcela still gets her deal

Marcela Flores Newburn The dragon’s said no but Marcela still gets her deal
The Derby Telegraph is reporting that Mexican-born Marcela Flores Newburn who last night failed to attract any investment on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den has since made a six-figure business deal.
The Ten Commandments to convert from business owner to entrepreneur
Most people in business start with adept technical skills, but have less knowledge about being a successful entrepreneur. BusinessZone offer a guide to making the transition
James Caan: my Saturday job
Entrepreneur James Caan explains to The Guardian how his early-morning paper round taught him that success is built on hard work
SMEs shun school system
A survey published by Management Today of micro-businesses suggests school-leavers and graduates don’t have the right skills for business. So those A* grades at A-Level might have been a waste of time…
StartUp Britain event could be the start of great things to come
North East Business are reporting the StartUp Britain enterprise initiative is startiung in the area this week as it begins the bus tour of the UK in an attempt to inspire people to launch their own businesses.