UKs 10 happiest cities to work in revealed

The capital failed to make it even to the top 10 locations in the latest research into the country’s happiness at work.

Norwich workers are the happiest in the country, with 77 per cent of them saying they are satisfied in their current job, followed by Liverpudlians and those in Birmingham.

CityAm reports that across the country, the majority of us are satisfied at the office – 71 per cent – and that’s on the rise. More than a third said they were more satisfied than they were a year ago, according to the survey of more than 2,000 workers by business psychologists OPP.

The happiest workers in the UK live in…
1. Norwich
2. Liverpool
3. Birmingham
4. Brighton
5. Plymouth
6. Sheffield
7. Nottingham
8. Manchester
9. Southaampton
10. Bristol

The biggest factor in whether we’re happy at work is workload, followed by pay rises and a change in management.

The study also found that finance workers were the least happy, while those in architecture and engineering along with sales, marketing and media were the happiest.